The Gods Of Unnatural Violence: A Look In The Raging Storm Surge

 God has us in a place where money and status don't mean much. Everyone is need of the same thing today; his mercy. But if we look around us there are men who have taken the title of gods yet they are nowhere close to being merciful. Everywhere you turn in our world today, you will find the gods of unnatural violence. There is nothing natural about their nefarious acts. They are what you call religion zealots, extremists, bigotry, and much more. They are on the rise, expanding their territories, revamping their scope of operations. We are witnessing a raging surge in the activities of these gods in our world today.

A religious extremist is eclectic and disturbing. Their activities keep rising despite the warnings of the government to them to cease their nefarious acts. As we dig to comprehend people's eagerness to support a violent course that they don't fully understand; just because it appeals to their belief, then we must explore religious extremism on various proportions and we should be open to the notion that not every form of religious extremism is attributed with a willingness to achieve objectives in violent ways.

Whether religious extremism is associated with violence or not, this article is focusing more on the violent activities of religious extremist also known as gods of violence.

A religious radical is on the rise across the world. As stated by Karl Max; religion is the opium of the people. His statement still echoes one hundred and seventy-seven (177) years later. In most parts of the world governed religion remains the most dominant force in society. Statistics show that more than 5 billion people identify with one of the world's four biggest religions; Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and that figure is fast rising.

Religious beliefs, faith, and manifestation have collapsed in the western world over the past years. It's not easy concluding on a particular thing that seems to have taken over the place of faith or religion but one thing is for sure, human needs are insatiable religion or not.

There is something that speaks to us all. Calling it religion makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but it speaks to many others. It's a trifling sense in most of us that it has left many troubled, ready to stage evolution, and perhaps changed the world completely.

The trend of this god of violence is trending and worsening as the days go by. The case of the chibok schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria by the religious extremist; Boko Haram is a nightmare to Nigerians and the rest of the world. It's oppressive to see the length people would go violently all in a bid to uphold a religious belief. The leader of the group stated that he doesn't believe in seeing girls get educated. He further buttressed, "Allah has authorized him to sell them all."

Aleksandra Sandstrom in his research stated that Malala’s 2012 shooting came at a time when social hostilities involving religion were at a high point, both globally and in Pakistan. More recently, these hostilities in Pakistan have ebbed somewhat, though the country still faces many challenges in this area.

According to him, the type of attack carried out against Malala – along with other social hostilities involving religion – is captured in Pew Research Center’s annual coding of global religious restrictions. The Social Hostilities Index (SHI) is a 10-point index that measures acts of religious hostility by private individuals, organizations, or groups in society, with a score of 10 indicating the highest level of hostilities. In 2012, the year Malala was shot, social hostilities involving religion hit a six-year high worldwide as well as in Pakistan, which scored a 9.8 that year. 

Money is another god of violence, though it seems natural to have money as it answers to all needs of man, it has and is still trending in our world today. Many of us live our lives filled with the dream of seeking it, accumulating it, and consuming it. The sad reality is that most religious extremists use it to acquire their weapons of destruction. We don't expect them to use cowries anyway. Money is a religion with many faces; it's got credit cards that enable us to buy more than we budgeted for. Live on mortgages all the rest of our lives. Human needs are insatiable, money makes this hypothesis credible.

Rising extremism is all around us. Despite government jumps to end their activities, it's not ending. Boko Haram is still ravaging the northern part of Nigeria and now spreading all over Nigeria. The hostilities in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, despite the U.S military tours to combat the violence, keep rising. 

"You never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose."

I agree with this quote. These gods of violence who are willing to kill innocent lives have got ugly motives that make them ugly all around. Fighting with them often seems hopeless, but we must not give up, even if it appears they've got nothing to lose.

As individuals, groups, government agencies, military personnel, security agencies, we must come together to end the abuse of religious minorities, restrictions on religions, violence or threat of violence to enforce religious norms, harassment of women over a religious dress, mob violence related to religion, terrorist violence and sectarian or communal conflict.

All we need is love and for that, we have each other.


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