Coronavirus: Have We Had Enough Of The Lockdown Or Not?

Since the outbreak of the deadly virus in December 2019, through the reports that presented itself about a coronavirus that has never been detected before in humans, the virus has spread from Wuhan in the Chinese province to other countries in the world. The massive spread of this virus in a short space of time has led the World Health Organization (WHO) to not only declare it as a pandemic but to devise measures to curb the spread of the virus and avoid deaths.

One of the steps taken across the world was the total lockdown. Streets became desolate of taxis and buses. Offices, complexes, malls, apartments, got sealed off, confining citizens inside. These standards were deemed rigorous but the objective of the government with this was good and meaningful at least to a large extent.

It's convenient to think that we all respond the same to the things that happens in the world and so should have similar reactions to them. But sadly, that's not always the case. We all have different thought processes and we capture information uniquely as well as interpret them differently. I guess that's what makes us different yet unique.

Humans are the most complex species to deal with. Their unique personalities make it difficult to control them even in the face of strict rules and guidelines. I'm a bit skeptical if the lockdown gets more extended instead of getting relaxed. This is because there are negative effects of locking humans in for a long time such as:

. Hunger and starvation
. Poor access to medical facilities
. Inflation
. Economic recessions
. Less value for human life
. Depression
. Irrational thoughts
. Society problems
. Increased poverty rates, etc

However, the lockdown has shown that it's helping to curb the spread of the virus, but the big question is; how much lockdown is enough, and have we had enough? There are uneasy and tough questions staring us in the face with the current crisis of lockdown across the globe. It's important to find the answers to these questions because the capabilities of the human mind have no limit when it's boxed into a corner.


I know it's hard for everyone, as a matter of fact, it's frustrating for many. Across the globe, people are protesting for the ease of the lockdown. Recently, according to Metro News UK, an artist by the name DaVida Sal is seen criticizing the general public for blindly following the government strict rule of social distancing, one of the measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

She's mocked the lockdown rules by going to shop at Trader Joe’s supermarket in Santa Fe, New Mexico, wearing blue face masks over her eyes, chest, and crotch, with her mouth and nose left uncovered. DaVida, alongside many other civilians, are questioning how effective the face masks are at preventing the virus from spreading. She believes the public has been indoctrinated into obeying the lockdown measures without questioning the effects it would have on them and the society at large.

In her words; the social distancing and the face masks are horrible now normal and I don’t agree with these draconian new laws that have been forced upon us. The lockdown has taken away our freedom. DaVida doesn't believe the face masks do protect anyone from the virus.
She further stated - "I think it’s all a big joke and a hoax. ‘If the face masks work then why the six-foot distancing? If the six-foot works then why the masks? If both work, then why the lockdown?"

Can DaVida be right when she said; " ‘It’s time for us all to think for ourselves and build our own immune system to protect us against the virus. What we see on TV is poison and is made to scare people.? Are we failing as humans by obeying the government strict measures of having down and becoming distancing, thereby stopping us from being in the moment and spending time with the people we love?

This provides some indication of why individuals react so differently to the same events. While some are in support of the lockdown and have adequate measures in place to combat hunger and other human needs, many are against it and have gone further to question the essence of the lockdown if we've all been made to wear nose masks and distance ourselves.

The lockdown has left many disoriented and confused. Many are struggling with health issues, lack of sleep, inability to remember things, or speak clearly. Many others are depressed and have irrational thoughts that have led them to become a menace to themselves and society. They make mistakes that they naturally wouldn't make under any normal circumstances. Crime is on the rise, we see more humans now and less humanity.

We each have different experiences since the lockdown. The bits when we put them all together, will drive our response to the situation and questions of how much longer with the lockdown?

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Comment by Vinn | June 8, 2020, 1:40 a.m.

A longer lockdown can drive a negative mental state of an individual and more problems will arise as stated above. Good thing here in Cyprus our lockdown is over and we are starting to feel a sense of normalcy with extra precaution. I hope each country will develop a strategy that can flatten the curve and find ways to slowly lift the lockdown with effective measures. The goal is break the chain if transmission of corona virus.

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