Global Pandora: The Threat Of Global Extinction In The Horizon

The world is on the verge of extinction. Humanity is fast approaching a grave tumble. The covid19 pandemic has left the world in a state of pandemonium. The economy of nations are crumbling, the stock market is collapsing, and hunger is on the rise. We've seen climate change happen in a swift, coupled with the threat of nuclear wars.

The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continue to add to the sufferings of humans and the destruction of the ecosystem. Global security issues continue to pose a threat to humanity. Democracy is being undermined around the world. The world does not appear to be any safer than it was decades ago, and it's cause for extreme concern and immediate attention.

Although world leaders have begun to discuss possible notable changes to end the threats of nuclear war and climate changes. There are political abnormalities trending in various countries. The threat of global warming is still innate. The current state of political, and power tussle in various nations is beginning to feel like the new normal, in the face of so many abnormalities.

Global temperatures are rising above the normal level. If we continue to push the climate farther with emissions, the way the United States, China, and other polluters are doing, we have no reason to be confident that our world will not be annihilated in few years to come.

Our world is becoming riskier to live in. Which is gross negligence on the part of the leaders, citizens aren't seen demanding an explanation either. We are gradually losing our humanity.

These inactions and counterproductive attitudes are becoming the new abnormal reality.

The new abnormal, profoundly unstable situation that is happening to our ecosystems, and across the world is disheartening. As we continue to evolve, humanity may have nothing else left if nothing drastic is done to change things.

Failure to act immediately, with a focused and unrelenting attention would draw the entire world into catastrophe. Let's come together and make our world safe to live in for us and for generations yet unborn.


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