Truth Or Dare: 2nd Niger Bridge, Lagos To Ibadan Roads Won't Be Completed Until 2050

In developed countries, the system makes a way for construction companies to follow with the set standards of conduct. They set recognizable standards that are internationally accepted. This makes it difficult for any construction company to operate as they please or jeopardize the lives of its citizens. 

In Nigeria, several efforts are made by the government to ensure that construction companies are conscious of their work. All efforts so far haven't yielded tangible results. Nigeria is the only country where construction companies and workers can operate unethically. Thereby jeopardizing the lives of its people. 

It's no news that corruption is eating deep into the fabrics of the nation. The greed of government, professionals, and stakeholders, don't allow the completion of projects. The pussyfooting style of governance in the country is giving room for many construction firms to be incompetent. Many subvert codes, and international standards. Standards that they ought to have and hold.

Many are wondering if the country has any code of ethics that corruption hasn't eaten deep into?

The failures of many road projects in the country are as a result of corruption, fraud, and continuance in turnkey operations in contracts. This fraudulent act is against international codes and standards.

Most construction companies that flaunt these codes get away unpunished. Few get arrested if they act improperly towards their projects. Little wonder road construction in the country is turning into the second of Christ. The faith and hope of many are waxing cold. 

The Lagos to Ibadan road has been under construction since forever. Each new government that comes in starts the project and stops halfway. One can see the cracking in the rigid pavement, which is as a result of inadequate curing of concrete, settlement, and movement at joints. 

In no distant time, the road gets broken and the commuter is left with potholes and slow movement when plying the roads. Car owners are left with no choice but to have more than one mechanic to service their cars monthly. 

Road construction and maintenance in Nigeria are at the mercy of construction companies. Many of which have little knowledge about the local landscape and the situation of the road before to the contract. Their poor knowledge is the reason why they can't construct appropriately or understand the need of the Nigerian people.

The need for the government to allow construction companies to be independent is none negotiable. When construction firms are independent, they won't have room to violate any codes or ethics for work. More attention will be paid to delivering at the stipulated time and avoid getting discredited.

The issue of poor design and construction won't come to play. Poor maintenance of already built highways would be checkmated. The use of low-quality materials in construction is discontinued. Poor workmanship and poor management gets supervised 

By international standards, no contractor is allowed to act as consultants at the same time. This is the case in Nigeria. Little wonder there's a struggle for competence and credibility by construction firms. 

The Lagos to Ibadan road will continue to be a goal without a plan unless the government will allow construction firms to be independent. They should also allow Nigerians who are professionals in Civil Engineering and mastery in their fields to be a consultant. They should be consulted to expatriates of construction companies in the country.

As consultants, they should be allowed to design projects, supervise, and check without fear.

Failure to allow this is the reason why there are disagreement and imbalance in various sectors of the country on many projects. 

"Characterize people by their actions and you will never be fooled by their words."

We will take the words of the Nigerian government seriously when their actions become intentional and credible. In the meantime, we dare them to complete the Lagos to Ibadan road, and the 2nd Niger bridge this month or tell us the truth for once. 

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Comment by Nidhi | July 27, 2020, 1:34 p.m.

The public has to face turmoil and scarcity of resources. This is absolutely unfair.

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