Living In A New Normal: 3 Secrets To Staying Relevant And Sane In The Face Of New Normal

 Our world is facing tremendous times and it will give way to a new normal whether we are ready for it or not. We may experience the end of public display of affections (PDA), hugs of a loved one, handshakes of solidarity, friendship, and confirmations. We've been told consistently to maintain social distancing by the Lagos State Coronavirus Task Force.

Ironically, humans aren't created by God to social distance themselves (even animals of lesser instinct can't do that), it's in our nature to be social, to gather in groups, we are meant to unite, support each other. And we are meant to be together.

Social distancing is one of the many new normal that will sweep over our world like a surge after the pandemic. Our lives will not remain the same after the covid19 saga. We are going to stay attached to technology, digitalization, and science giveaways.

Our shopping malls, train stations, dinner shows, bar life, football games, societal gatherings, weddings, birthday celebrations, child dedications, are about to become oblivion and give way to a new normal.

We speculate that things will go back to the way they used to be. Many are looking forward to moments when they would be happy to see each other and not see one other as a potential virus. Falling sick has become a luxury many cannot afford without fear of being exposed to the virus.

The pandemic has put the world in a state where it says; jump and we say off which bridge? While we struggle to adapt the new normal around us, here are 3 secrets of staying relevant and sane in the face of a new normal:

. Be human.

Life will continue to change but our humanity won't. Robotics, digitalization, etc, won't change that. You've got your body, soul, and spirit, keep it alive. Reposition your mind for change but never lose your humanity in the process. We are all we've got, we will all continue to face frightening challenges for which we are not prepared.

Despite the tremendous challenges we face on individual, local, and global levels, we will remind ourselves that we are still human and we are still here.

. Become indispensable and keep your finance in the stimulus.

Covid19 has created a notable slump with record levels of poverty and unemployment, establishing a phenomenal humanitarian problem that is hitting the poorest hardest, especially women and children, even though the men are seeing struggling to keep up.

Be informed. Get in the know how's of digitalization. Ensure that you have essential and basic skills that the new normal demands, but don't push yourself over the board in the pursuit.

. Stay your vision, pursue your dreams.

Your visions, your dreams, are all yours. It may not resonate with the man standing next to you, the fact is that it doesn't have to. You owe yourself and no one else an explanation if you fail to live your dreams. Be kind. Be real. Be you. Every other person before, during, and after covid19 is already taken.

Follow the advice of James Dean; "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

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