Destructive Thought Pattern: Why You Need To Avoid Assumptions

Making assumptions sounds innocent, but when you engage in it, you end up developing a highly destructive thought pattern. Such a thought pattern can severe you from reality. If you're always in the habit of making conclusions without any solid proof to back them up, your viewpoint on life and the world becomes inhibited.

Having a limited perspective on life will hinder you from moving forward in life. Nothing in life is ever as it appears to be. The glass that appears full to you, can appear empty to another. Making assumptions without facts is a sure way to destroying your life and that of those around you. The tendency of becoming shallow in your thought pattern becomes unavoidable and you settle with the illusion that you understand the world better than anyone else.

Assumptions are one of the many long walks to unhealthy living, that closes the door to any future growth. You become blindsided and see difficulties when every other person sees good. You become quick to see disappointments and frustrations in any given endeavor. You assume the worst of any given circumstance. Your mind becomes programmed when thinking, to look for danger in a situation where there are none.

Recent research shows that humans are inclined to think the worst of a situation first before they become convinced that there's good in it. Yet, man can break this unhealthy thought pattern by doing the following:

. Ask Questions

If you notice that you're getting caught up in this destructive thought pattern, just ask yourself, why do I need to assume the worst of the situation? What are the facts that proofs I am right to make the best decision?
If the answer you are getting isn't convincing enough to you, then take a break. Pause for a moment. Gain a fresh perspective. Revisit the issue with a calmer mind. You will realize that what you assumed to be the worst is all in your head.

. Always Learn To Examine Your Assumptions

When you attempt to solve a new problem or challenge, get a fresh perspective. Make a list of all the assumptions in the system; yours, your team's, the organization's where you find yourself in, your clients, and others. Even if you’re used to providing solutions for people, that is not a benchmark for you to spot problems where there are none. The things we consider problems may not necessarily be a problem, but a change of viewpoint.

Examine your assumptions and try to reduce the role it plays in your life. The moment we understand assumptions and how it affects our lives, we will be able to understand other peoples' behavior better. And have a new perspective on any given situation.

. Observe Your Thoughts

Remind yourself to always observe your thoughts. Proceed with caution when analyzing any situation. Ensure that you are not biased in your thoughts. If you notice you are walking in that direction, stop and ask yourself this question; "why do I have to think the worst?."

Practice thinking freely. Train your mind to allow more flexibility when you're thinking. This requires a lot of practice but it's not impossible.

. Draw Your Conclusions With Facts

Life is about many things. Yet, you need to ensure you get your facts right as you strive to live in the moment. Be prepared to ask lots of questions on your own before you draw any conclusions. Be objective and carry out extensive research to support your claims before you conclude it's the best decision. 

Facing the unknown isn't something we are proud to embrace especially in a dysfunctional world like ours. Yet, you must not obstruct yourself from access the horrifying and uncomfortable facts of life or of any given circumstances. If you do so, you’re setting yourself up to living a life of assumption. You would also hinder your personal growth.

. Get Uncomfortable In Your Comfort Zone

The human mind is inclined to accept thoughts that it finds comfortable with. This isn't always a healthy way of living. There are no absolute thoughts. Life is dynamic and you should be too. If you're comfortable making assumptions, it's time to take a rain check when next it comes calling.

Step out of your comfort zone and dig deep. It will be frightening no doubt, but you will be opening yourself up to a better world view. You would also understand people better, and why they do what they do. Take a chance and learn to think outside the box. You need a positive mindset to be able to live above assumptions. A positive mindset won't be yours to have if you are always living in assumptions.

Dig deep. Ask questions. Don't assume!

Assumptions get in our way all the time. Learn to reflect on where your assumptions may be coming from. Evaluate why you think you should be quick to conclude on a person's situation without all the facts.

Assumptions are destructive.

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