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Brianna Oard | Los Angeles, CA


I recently graduated from the University of Miami in December 2021 with a Bachelor in Science in Communication; Major in Journalism and Minor in Sports Administration. I am a curious, dedicated, and hardworking young adult who’s passionate about the journalism industry.

As an aspiring journalist, research is essential in order to report the facts and stories correctly. Throughout my academic career (Regardless of if the class pertains to journalism), I go beyond what is asked while conducting research for all of my assignments. Curious by nature, I dive full in subjects that I am passionate about, such as sports, politics, food, and popular culture.

I always put the same passion and effort into each article assignment I receive, even if it’s about a subject that I had little passion for or knowledge of. This mentality has aided me tremendously in acquiring through research skills. With a positive attitude and an open mind, I am eager to learn and grow my writing skills in the journalism industry.

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