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Vidhi Mehta | Mumbai


 My sole desire in my life is to be a professional Anchor which has inspired me to pursue my studies in media and journalism.Since my childhood,I m passionate to know more about the world..great personalities.. whether he/she be a philosopher or scientist or a business tycoon or a politician .I had always intense desire to explore the globe and that's why I aspire to be a reporter or journalist. Besides, I have been passionate about a variety of different sports like Basket Ball, Athelete and Swimming.I have been in DSO and SFA.Moreover,I m a music lover and love to play piano.But I just want to keep it as my hobby and not going to be professional musician.I have also organised various events in the past years.I love to travel a lot to explore all kinds of things in addition,I love to communicate with people and i personally feel that interacting with people helps you to understand emotions, feelings and thoughts of unknown people.It certainly helps to develop our psychological knowledge.Above all, I strongly feel that one should have humanistic attitude and one should be liberal and revolutionary and not orthodox in any way.. I just wish to be good human being..who can feel the sufferings of millions and wishes to express the sufferings of the people through the field of mass media.

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