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Bong Kang | U.S., CA


Hello, my name is Bong "B.J." Kang and I am a senior journalism major at Azusa Pacific University. Due to my wide array of interests and hobbies, I enjoy writing articles about video games, entertainment, politics, social topics, and national/international news. My interests and hobbies include video games, reading, writing, painting miniatures, film, history, and researching political and social topics. I discovered my passion for journalism in high school when my first story, an article about the flourishing esports industry, was featured on the front page of the paper. Since then, I have taken to producing high-quality, unique stories in a frenzy. My goal is to establish myself as a reputable and well-known journalist producing a variety of content, writing across genres, for numerous notable outlets. 

Articles By Bong Kang