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Ketia Valme | Cambridge, MA


Sometimes I get lost in between the conflicts between my mind and my heart because they are both always so loud and I never know which to follow. My name is Ketia Valme and I'm a writer without a doubt. As Creative Writing student attending Westfield State University, I've really grown to love writing and how different types of writing help me fulfill the different types of emotions that circulates my everyday life. I love writing because it allows me to escape my mind and create a temporary world of my own that allows me peace in the real one. I am only a third year at Westfield State and so eager to start putting my writing skills and my strong voice out to the public so that I can find my audience; people to relate to as I introduce them to ways that have helped me healed and stay grounded. I keep myself accountable to bringing tons of new ideas that stems from my 21 years of life experience. I am passionate, empathetic, I love peace and can be somewhat assertive which so some people is threatening but I'm a Black Immigrant Woman, it's a skill that I inherited as the years went by. I am pretty amazing. I don’t agree to settle for just aything or anyone because my mind isn’t typical. My confidence was a learning process and even while sometimes it’s hard to remember how far I’ve come or it makes some people uncomfortable, I push myself to be emotionally smart and steer away from dwelling on negative thoughts and irks that try to throw me off my path. My drive for not settling and empathetic abilities are what makes me unique and I am always very eager to express it.


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