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15 Unique Wedding Venues Out There

Selecting a wedding venue is an essential step in wedding preparation. Aside from the apparent need for a wedding location, your choice of wedding venue can significantly impact the style and feel of your event. Your wedding venue can either help you create a theme for your wedding or act as a blank canvas. In either case, choosing your venue early on will assist all of the other details to fall into place.

However, if you want your wedding to be genuinely distinctive, you may want to choose a venue that will make your event stand out. And that necessitates the selection of an out-of-the-box platform. Fortunately, there are many unique places to pick from, and we have all the information you need. We enlisted the help of wedding planners to discover more about their favourite one-of-a-kind wedding venues from around the country and the world, all of which will spark your wedding planning imagination.

Here's the list of the top 25 wedding venues 

St. Regis Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

"We usually look up at the stars in the sky to marvel at their dazzling lights, but can you imagine saying 'I do' with a whole magnificent world of them beneath you?" wonders Lauren Grech, CEO of LLG Events. As long as you're not terrified of heights, you can get at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi.

Located 49 stories up and accessible via a secret elevator off the lobby, the helipad is the property's most exclusive venue. "It's the Middle East's highest operating helipad," Grech explains, "and it can accommodate up to 20 people for an intimate ceremony." You might as well have mixologists serving craft cocktails and waiters serving caviar and oysters while you're up there, all perfectly timed so you can watch the sun set into the Persian Gulf with only a luxe velvet rope and a security guard between you and the edge (that's right, no railings to block your view). "To truly rejoice as newlyweds, top it off with the St. Regis' champagne-sabering ceremony," Grech explains. "Then proceed to the Presidential Suite, which is the largest most oversized suspended suit in the worldglobally, to continue the party.

The ruined abbey at Painshill Cobham, United Kingdom

The Ruined Abbey in Painshill Park, according to Teal Nicholson of LLG Events, combines the drama of a spectacular castle wedding with the impression of being in the middle of nowhere. She describes it as "combining a castle, vintage gothic architecture, and this absolutely frightening beauty alongside wonderfully maintained greens."


With a tropical Fijian wedding, you'll walk down a soft white beach aisle to the sound of cascading crystal blue waves. This archipelago in the South Pacific has over 3000 islands, so you'll be spoilt for choice when picking the perfect island for your special day. Palm trees border the beaches in this tropical haven, and colourful coral reefs await exploration. This is one venue that you and your future Mr. or Mrs. will appreciate if you dream of an exotic coastal wedding.

It is recommended to book your stay at Laucula Resort Island for a spectacular Fijian wedding. This unique island offers 25 villas distributed over its vast, diversified terrain, assuring solitude and royal treatment for you and your bridal party. Laucula can provide you with a magical experience, whether you want your wedding next to turquoise waters, in a tropical rainforest, overlooking an emerald lagoon, or on a cliff with panoramic ocean views.


Set a pattern for a long-lasting marriage in a city that has done it for millennia. For centuries, visitors have come to Rome to see the city that has been transformed by many of history's most influential personalities, including Julius Caesar and the creative geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, among others. By leading your visitors and future husband or wife to this timeless city, you may make your own piece of history. A wedding in Rome will be spectacular, with beautiful vistas such as the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Spanish Steps hidden around every curve.


The magnificent area of Tuscany is located in the heart of Italy. Tuscany's capital Florence is home to some of the world's most famous art and architecture, making it a top bucket list destination because to of its history, culture, and romance. The sweeping Tuscan hills are only a short drive from this awe-inspiring metropolis. This lovely Italian resort will transport your guests to a world of peace and romance, with endless fields of gorgeous vineyards. A wedding in Tuscany is a fantastic way to start your new life together, with magical sunsets that belong in an art gallery.

Provincial France

The lush green hills of Provincial France are filled with romantic cobblestoned alleys, fantasy villages, and peaceful lavender fields. As a result, it's no surprise that painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso have been drawn to it for generations. There are many possibilities for your French provincial wedding, from Burgundy to Provence, Avignon to Bordeaux. 


If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding location, Spain has everything. Barcelona is a centre of modernism and surrealism for art and architecture enthusiasts, including works by Salvadore Dali, Antoni Gaudi, and Pablo Picasso. If you prefer regal, manicured gardens, provincial palaces, and a bustling city, Madrid is the place to visit. Finally, those who travel to Southern Spain will find the lovely, Moorish-influenced towns of Granada, Seville, and Malaga, which are all reminiscent of fairy tales in their own way. Simply enrol in salsa lessons to add a fun Spanish touch to your reception once you've decided which wonderful city will host your big day.


Romance lingers in the air in France's capital city. Paris has traditionally been associated with love, making it a popular choice for fiances planning an fantastic wedding. With its artistic and architectural marvels, lush gardens, and the Eiffel Tower, selecting the ideal location for your wedding in this charming city is easy. Paris is a timeless, classic wedding setting, whether you choose a daytime ceremony in the gardens or a nighttime affair as the city lights up and the Eiffel Tower sparkles.

French Riviera

The French Riviera, one of the world's first modern resort locations, was a favourite holiday site for the aristocracy in the nineteenth century. What was once a hangout for famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse is now home to celebrities like Elton John and Brigitte Bardot. With 310 to 330 days of sunlight each year and 115 kilometres of coastline spanning Saint Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco, it's easy to see why the rest of the world is enamoured with this breathtaking area. If you want your wedding to include lush forests, stunning cliffs, dazzling blue water, and beautiful flowers, this is the place to go.

Amalfi Coast

Make your journey to the Amalfi Coast if your wedding dreams include stunning turquoise waters, sheer cliffs decked with vivid lemons and exotic flora, and a lovely summer day. This 50 kilometre length of Southern Italian coastline is the playground of the rich and famous, with picture-perfect views from every angle. You'll have fantastic experience whether you choose Positano, Praiano, Capri, or Amalfi from the coast's apparently unending stretch of glistening islands. Spend your special day exchanging vows by the sea, followed by a delicious seafood lunch and a glass of Limoncello from Amalfi.

Sri Lanka 

Pack your suitcase for a wedding in Sri Lanka, where you'll be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of exotic, brilliant colours. The varied landscapes of this gorgeous country, which is located in the Indian Ocean, have something for everyone. A wedding in Sri Lanka will be nothing short of amazing, from elephant-free rainforests to endless sunset-bathed beaches and timeless Buddhist relics. In addition to the abundant wildlife, historic temples, and sparkling seas, you may experience some of the country's delectable food. As a result, this is a standout option on our list if you're seeking a unique wedding experience


Portugal is the wedding location you've been looking for if fantasy castles, secluded beaches, and world-class seafood are high on your traveller's bucket list. This country, which is right near to Spain, provides something for everyone. From the turquoise ocean coves of Lagos to the whimsically bright-coloured castles of Sintra, Portugal provides the perfect backdrop for a truly unique wedding.

Saint Lucia, Caribbean

If the lost city of Atlantis were to resurface from the ocean's depths, it would most likely look like Saint Lucia. This Eastern Caribbean island is a beach lover's wedding fantasy, with white volcanic sand, turquoise sea, majestic mountains, and gushing waterfalls. Those who choose to visit this breathtaking location should know that they may never want to leave. 


Make the trip to the wonderful Marrakech for a wedding that will appeal to all of your senses. In this former imperial capital of Morocco, vibrant colours, exotic sights, and spicy flavours may be found at every turn. It will create an excellent background for your wedding day as a treasure trove of stunning Islamic architecture.


Sicily's beautiful beaches, which are surrounded by the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, aren't the only reason it's one of the top wedding destinations in the world. This island mixes clean waters with stunning mountains, a smoking volcano, and fresh island cuisine, harnessing all elements. Consider the rich culture and history that come alive here if that isn't enough to entice you to Sicily for your wedding. For a memorable experience, hold your marriage against a backdrop of Byzantine mosaics, Arab castle ruins, or an ancient Baroque palace.


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