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Best Cafes to Study at in Scotland

The transition from November to December is a time when many university students are in deadline season, which is the final academic push before the holidays begin for these students. Thus, many students flood the many study spaces provided by the university. Interestingly enough, among university students there appears to be a divide between those who enjoy studying in an active environment (cafes) and those who enjoy complete silence (libraries). 


The Stanford Daily listed the benefits of studying in libraries versus in cafes. They found that the library is often demonized as a lonely and cold place for students to be productively consumed in their studies in complete silence. On the other hand, they reasoned that cafes provide a space for students to complete their work whilst being caffeinated, in a cozy, warm and active environment


This article is dedicated to the latter half of students who prefer studying in cafes, as I will be listing out my top three cafes to study in around Scotland (specifically in Edinburgh and Dundee). I will then look into the many benefits of cafe studying so that I can hopefully convince the library go-ers that a change of scenery may be better for them. 


  1. Black Medicine Coffee Co. - 2 Nicolson Street, Old Town, Edinburgh EH8 9DH (£) 

First off, we begin in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Black Medicine Coffee Co. is known for having great food and coffee. Moreover, they have a variety of options for those with dietary restrictions. 


In addition to its great food and drinks, their large ground floor and basement area have multiple outlets, which makes it a great place to study. Furthermore, their natural wood and cozy interior design make it a fantastic place to crack down on your deadlines in a warm environment. 


In addition, their welcoming staff provides a beneficial plus towards their warmth. Their merchandise also goes to show their staff’s love for Black Medicine. Since one of their previous employees created many of the goblin designs that can not only be seen on their merch but also all around the shop. 


So, if you find yourself in Edinburgh with a need to find a pleasant place to study, then a visit to Black Medicine Coffee Co. is a must! 


  1. Blend Coffee Lounge - 63 Reform Street, Dundee DD1 1SP (££)

Our second cafe is located in Dundee, called Blend Coffee Lounge. This cafe was created by four friends who dreamed of creating a comfortable place for a perfect hang-out spot. As a testament to their mission, the interior has a cozy ambiance with comfortable seating. 


Blend Coffee Lounge began as a means to create a connected community, which goes beyond its customer service and includes its suppliers and stakeholders. Moreover, through their Blend Creates (Dundee) initiative, they provide a community for up-and-coming artists to come together and create all things creative. 

Furthermore, their assortment of drinks, foods, and desserts can satisfy anyone’s cravings. Blend Coffee Lounge also offers plenty of couches and desk seatings (with outlets), which accommodate those wishing to casually chat and those needing to finish their deadlines. 


In conclusion, when in need of a perfect spot to study or hang out, Blend Coffee Lounge will go above and beyond in satisfying all your needs. 


  1. Beans & Berries - Unit 7 70-72 Commercial Street, Dundee DD1 2AP (££)

Finally, we arrive at our last cafe which is also in Dundee. As someone who enjoys studying at cafes in Scotland, I found that the main issue I ran into was that coffee shops often close early.


Therefore, as a solution, I have found that dessert shops close late, which led me to discover Beans & Berries. Even though it is a dessert shop rather than a cafe, they serve a variety of foods, desserts, and hot/cold drinks, which include coffee. Furthermore, they offer a 10% student discount, which is great for those on a budget. 


In addition, Beans & Berries has a ground floor and upstairs area filled with comfortable seating and multiple outlets, which makes it a great place to study. Moreover, I found it to be quieter than most coffee shops, due to there not being a regular flow of people in and out of the space.


Therefore, when you want to study in a cafe till late, Beans & Berries is the place to go! 


What are the benefits? 

First off, cafes have the resources to properly fuel students with good coffee and food. Moreover, the options that I have listed above can accommodate any dietary restriction like lactose intolerance or vegetarians. 


Secondly, there are times when university-provided study spaces can get overcrowded. Therefore, in those instances, a visit to any of the three options listed above can be a perfect alternative for students based near Edinburgh or Dundee. 


Lastly, studying at a cafe tends to be more comfortable than in university-provided study spaces. Since cafes are oftentimes built with the intent of being an establishment that provides a warm and cozy environment for their customers. 


In conclusion, there are many benefits to cafe studying like properly fueling students, being a better alternative, and often providing more comfortable. Therefore, if you find yourself in either Dundee or Edinburgh and are in need of great places to study in. Then, I would highly recommend that you visit any of the three establishments listed above. 

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