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Born in slum stay in slum?

A 15-year-old girl with big dreams, Maleesha Kharwa, became the face of the Yuvati collection by luxury beauty and skincare brand forest essential with the theme of "because your dreams matter," which empowers women. From a five year girl whose eyes were filled with dreams of walking on a ramp and considering Priyanka Chopra as her role model Maleesha has come a long way; her roots make her connect with less is always more. She spent her childhood living in makeshift tents with no access to basic facilities like light and washroom. Using the government washroom was the only option for them.Her talent came when Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman searched for slum children to feature in his music video and saw her as a bright star. Robert became the manager of Malaysia, and through her Instagram and YouTube account, he let the world know how much passion and talent a simple slum-living girl carries.

The Princess of Slum title that was given to her proved right when in October 2020, she was featured in an Indian fashion journal as a cover girl in Peacock magazine. Maintaining balance in her dream and career, she used to study hard. She works harder, considering education as the most potent weapon. She is the motivation for every child living in slum areas.

Your face makes you beautiful; breaking all the stereotypes, Maleesha proved it is your heart and passion that make you attractive in a recent interview with Kidstoppers. She mentioned how social media and society had judged her based on her dusky complexion, but her strong belief in " I am 90% sure you hate me, but I am 100% sure that I don't care " is what made her keep going her journey is a testament to the power of hard Work. The dream of walking on a ramp walk seemed impossible, seeing their lack of resources and her cycle of poverty, but it's your destiny that chooses you. "Live Your Fairytale," a short film where she recently appeared and walked on several ramps, the life of Maleesha dares every girl to dream. She always dreamed of sitting in a plane and seeing how the world looked from the sky. Less she knew that her plane of dreams had already taken off and flown into the atmosphere of goals where the stars were the limit for her .Story of Maleesha inspire every girl it's not place where you are born define you it's your talent that define you 





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