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Brain Drain: Threat to India


What is Brain Drain?

Hello readers! Firstly, I want to ask all that why do we all study? I know this is a very stupid question but why do we study? Some of you would say maybe to earn and live a wealthy life, others would say maybe to work for the development and for well-being of the society but what if all the educated people, intellectuals, the brain power of the country start moving to other countries. Then there would be no one to boost the economy, no one would be left to work for the betterment and progress of the society. Then our country will be only considered as populated country without knowledge.


Now the question arises what is Brain Drain? Brain Drain is term which is used when highly qualified experts like doctors, teachers, scientists and other trained professionals migrate from developing and under-developed countries to developed countries. But it is not only India who is suffering from the problem of brain drain but many other countries are going through this.


A report by a scientific body of U.S states that migration of India scientists and engineers has increased nearly by 85% in last 10 years.

Among the Asian countries, India continued its trend of being the top country of birth for immigrant scientists and engineers, with 9,50,000 out of Asia’s total 2.96 million. India’s 2013 figure represented an 85% increase from 2003.

From 2003 to 2013, the number of scientists and engineers residing in the US grew from 21.6 million to 29 million. An important factor in this growth has been immigration. In 2013, 18% (5.2 million) of the scientists and engineers residing in the United States were immigrants whereas in 2003, 16% (3.4 million) were immigrants. – Hindustan Times


Loss for one is Gain for one

Well  this perfectly fits here loss for one is gain for one as the problem of brain drain create a great loss of trained and qualified professionals for poor, backward and a developing nation, on the other side this migration strengthens the developed nations as they welcome these workers and become more powerful.

According to report by United Nations, every year 1000 of workers migrate from backward and under-developed counties to developed nations U.S.A, U.K, Russia, Canada and many more countries. The countries which are under developed and are still developing are spending millions of rupees to develop the best possible infrastructure and training courses for their students, workers, professionals etc.

But still they opt and migrate to other countries for job and work purpose: means training here and draining your knowledge there and developed nations utilise the trained brains which contribute to boost their economy and power.

The biggest advantage for the developed nations is that don’t even have to spend a single penny to train these people and that is why they are becoming profit seeking day by day as utilising their skills and talent.


Sad Reality

It is sad to see these trained professionals migrating to other developed nations for work purpose but it also saddens us when the students who are so talented and intelligent which can contribute In the development of nation going for higher studies to abroad and most of them don’t even come back due to the lifestyle they follow and enjoy in abroad, the quality of education they receive make them stay there.


But why people are migrating to such countries, well there is a famous dialogue in scam 1992- “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to achieve the great”. Well maybe things are good in our country or getting better but it is a fact that the developed nations are far better in terms of resources and economy, so let us understand the reasons below which are making or forcing people to migrate in such nations.



Reasons of Migration from India

1. Unemployment-

      The biggest reason why people migrate to other countries from India is Unemployment in the country. Even the talented people with such higher qualification are unable to find jobs in the country and due to this people migrate. Also as the population is growing so rapidly, the people enrolling for numerous jobs are increasing and the vacant positions are decreasing so due to this as well people of every class prefer working in other developed cities of the world.


2. Boosted Economy=High perks

     Well nations like U.S, Canada have a very powerful and boosted economy, due to this the employees enjoy a very high pay scale which is far better than under developed countries as they do not offer such pay scale to its employees.

But how much was the average salary of person in the year 2020 in U.S

Average salary- 94,700 USD

Lowest salary-24,000 USD

Highest salary- 4,23,000 USD

Well now I wonder there is not even a single reason to migrate to such country for work and education purpose.


3. High standard of living

  Due to a stable and developed economy, certain companies generate a huge profit and revenue due to this the employees enjoy a high salary and it is simple in a country like America when you are paid good you spend good and the standard of living of people increase. Even the clean, healthy and pollution free environment attracts the people from backward countries to migrate to such exotic and developed locations. This is also a major reason of migration.


How to Solve the Problem?

Well now we know everything about the problem of brain-drain, we know some reasons as well but do we know how to solve this? The solution is what can we do as citizens and what can our government do.


Create employment-

India is the land of natural resources which are present in abundance with a strong manpower base so using this both Government should try to create more jobs. Government must try to expand the three sectors of economy and also should try to offer certain loans to businessmen as well so they can start small industries and generate more employment and add to economy. As citizens and government as well we should invest more in ‘Make in India’ which will boost the economy and will generate employment.


As Citizens-

We are born here on this land and this land has given us everything food, water and shelter: it is our moral duty to give the nation back and serve it. How can we do this? By studying in our country and working here only without migrating to other developed countries in greed of wealth instead work here only and contribute in the development activity. Also parents should encourage their children to study in India and work here only because they are the future of country and needs to be guided well only.


Doctors, scientists and engineers should also understand that they are the assets of the country and really important for the country. There are the people who are the leading assets for making this country a superpower.

Our country is spending a huge chunk for developing the infrastructure for such people but most of them are paying their loyalty to other nations, this needs to be stopped only. Our country has a lot of talent and man power we just need to encourage people to work for the country as when we will the serve the nation it will definitely return us back as well.

“No Country is Perfect, it has to be made one”….


Vardaan Gulla

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