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I want to briefly explain the list of services that fall under a copywriter’s job description (in my opinion). This is what potential clients, who understand what you do, may expect you to do for them.


Copywriting Services



These can be digital ads like the ones on Facebook and Instagram or printed advertisements that you might see in Newspapers and on Flyers. 

The main objective of digital ads is to get a CLICK. You have to master and understand the art of crafting compelling hooks.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is emails sent to a list of subscribers with the sole purpose of marketing. In other an organized course of action, an excellent email campaign should also add meaningful value to building a close relationship with the list. So depending on your client’s needs, they may ask you for different types of emails like autoresponder, sales emails, content emails, affiliate emails or re-engagement emails, etc. But your job is only to write these emails. You’re not responsible for sending these emails into your client’s email sending system/software 


Landing Pages

It’s like a sales page, just shorter and used for the primary purpose of lead generation. So if the main job of your ad is to convert eyeballs into clicks, the position of a landing page is to convert more clicks into leads. You want to motivate a person to enter their details (typically first name and email in exchange for a “Free High-Value Promise.



Sales Pages

I will call this the “MONEYMAKER” because not only is this the page that’s going to make your clients the most money and profit in their business…This is the page that’ll get you paid towrite compelling sales. This is where persuasion, psychology, and practical writing skills come into play.  All copywriters need to learn & master this skill; it sets us apart from other content writers.


About Pages 

This makes a brand different; Pages are an excellent opportunity to share a brand’s story, vision, mission, and philosophy, with more and more audiences seeking out products and more information about the brand. Offering this service to any client that doesn’t already have an About Page or revamp any About Pages that are dull and less inspiring allows you to showcase your writing skills and get paid.


Home Pages & Website Copy

Home pages are the first thing that people see when visiting your website, so you got to make a great first impression! This is called the branding copy. While conversions are crucial on your main homepage, your brand message should be EVERYTHING. A Homepage aims to create trust and guidance and offer the next steps.


Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are mostly text that describes what a product is, what it does, and reasons why someone should buy it. It describes all the product features and benefits.




JULY 30, 2022


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