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"There has been an atmosphere of anxiety, fear, loneliness and uncertainty among the students during lockdown because of the increasing effect of coronavirus and they are struggling with it day and night."

As the second wave of Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in India, fear among among people is also increasing. Whole India is now in panic. It is because the whole atmosphere has changed for the people. Suddenly schools, universities, offices, businesses and public places are closed, we do not have to go out and watch the news related to coronavirus throughout the day. It has a natural effect on mental health. Some states announced a weekend lockdown to prevent the further spread of coronavirus but there is also a talk among government officials of announcing a lockdown for a long time at some places like it happened last year. The lockdown is having a profound impact not only on the economy of the country, but also on the mood of the public and especially the students. CBSE already canceled Class 10th Board exam and posponed class 12th exam till May 30. ICSE board and some state boards did same. Due to this, students are affected with depression and anxiety due to confinement in homes. This has been revealed in the research of the psychiatry department of Aligarh Muslim University. 

The research found that the lockdown had a profound effect on the brains of 44% of the students participated in the online survey of the department of the psychiatry of Aligarh Muslim University. The Department of Psychiatry has studied the impact of lockdown on students and their parents from different states of the country since March 2020. The study covered four points - sensitivity, family environment, social life and educational life. This study reveals the most profound impact on the mentality of students. 

  • Sensitivity- Being living in lockdown has greatly increased irritability in students. The child became angry easily even at small things. They easily get influenced by negative thoughts. They are now become more pessimistic towards life and career. 

  • Family environment or relationships- According to the study based on a survey, it is observed that that most of the children are not able to get mixed up with their family members easily even after living with the family for a long time. Most of the children are not able to behave properly with their father and siblings. Sometimes, they got involved in fights with family members, 

  • Social life- The irritability and stress among children has increased considerably due to the ban on playing with friends and the school being closed. Introvertness is also increasing among the students because now they are having trouble in meeting new people.

  • Educational life- Many students are not comfortable in online teaching and online exams. It is observed that they have a lot of difficulty in understanding subjects like Mathematics and English through online classes. Students who do not afford smart phones and laptops which are esssential for online study are suffered from other types of depression because of their financial conditions. There was also a concern among many students about that they were passed without giving their exams or giving online exams which are mostly flawed. Will it not affect their future? Will it not affect the credibility of their marksheets and degress? 

The department of psychiatry of AMU also surveys among the students living in hostels and houses separately. It was revealed that when Lockdown 1.0 was announced in the country, many students living in their hostels in different states or cities. A comparative study of the two found that 30.5% of the students who are living in hostels and houses were moderately affected and 33.7% of students were mildly affected. The students living in the hostels were completely affected. They were always worried about when their school or university will open and when the exam will be held. They have studied diligently thinking that there will be exams soon but suddenly they got the news that their exams have been canceled. Then, they are thinking that their hard work was wasted, anxiety and depression are further increased.

Students need to understand that it is very important to get out of the state of mental stress or else that stress can be endless. There is still a lot of life which is full of opportunities left for them, some exams or degrees cannot change their life.

"Whatever will be in their destiny, they will surely get it."

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