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Creativity Starts Within You!

Too many thoughts crowding your mind? Do you feel stuck while trying to fire your imagination but have nowhere to go? For a few people, it comes innately while for others they need to notch up the level. Well, here is a list of kickstart ideas to gear up your creativity:


Scribble, draw, doodle


You might not be a great artist, but art is therapy and a brilliant way to start your creativity is through basic drawing and painting.      


Start your journey by drawing things that are around you, and make sure you keep exploring. Take a shape and try to draw different things with that shape alone. I am sure you will have numerous things to doodle.


Embrace nature


A shot of nature in your life is all that you require to get that creativity to kick off. If you are a person that loves nature, go on treks.


Sit in a place surrounded by greenery and try medicating. That goes without saying, Nature helps you to ease your mind and overcome the mental blockages that occur due to a hectic schedule.           


Make physical activity a part of your daily routine. It might be difficult at the beginning, but once you get set in that routine, nothing can stop you.


Reading is a good habit


A creative person always seeks new ideas. They yearn for new and promising  content. This good quality content is derived from books. There are so many books available today written by ingenious  authors.


Give those books a read, it will certainly benefit you. For instance, books written by The Copywriting by Mark Shaw, The Conscious Creative by Kelly Small, The War of Art, and The Artist’s Journey by Steven Pressfield.


A mood board is a mood uplifter


Let’s consider you have a presentation to make, and you are wondering where to begin. Start creating a mood board. Take inspiration from the content that is readily available, and which would drive you towards the topic you have to work on. The inspiration could come from watching a series on Netflix, talking to a friend, or listening to a podcast. You never really know what would help you think out of the box.


Stay organized


A lot of times your surroundings can have a direct effect on your thought process. If you find things lying in an unorganized manner around you, begin decluttering them. Get rid of things and keep your study area or the place where you spend your time often well-ordered. An optimistic environment is a mandate to help you think creatively.


Build your creative circle


Start connecting with like-minded people. With your day starting with social media, meeting, and connecting with new people has become a child’s play for everyone. Talk and share your ideas. Get their opinion on an idea that you came up with. Take up a problem and try solving it as a group with brainstorming sessions. New content is so easily available these days, gain inspiration from it.


Practice taking down notes


Inculcate the habit of carrying a notebook along. You never know when a great idea might strike just like lighting. You certainly don’t want to miss anything. This habit will help you in your future as well when you plan on working in a creative field. Noting down ideas boosts creative flow. Another practice is to take up a habit of journaling. You can write about anything and everything and it inevitably does not have to make sense. Always remember, you are writing for your good.


As the title states, creativity starts within you, these are some tips on how to get set go! With a little tweak of good practice in your daily routine, great impacts can be seen. So, wait no more and start chasing your ideas today!





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