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Depression Is More Than Just Laziness.

“A big part of depression is feeling lonely, even if you are in a room full of a million people.” —Lilly Singh.


Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with everyday activities.

More than two sixty-four million people suffer from depression. People suffering from it might find themselves lost at times and lower on productivity.


How does one know if they are depressed or not? 


They might confuse it with laziness. Especially during this pandemic, people ask themselves if they are depressed or just lazy. We have all had our off day. Felt lazy and unmotivated, and it is alright to feel like that, but were we lazy, or is it more than that?


Firstly, laziness creeps in when you have overworked and feel burnt out.You can find a way out of it by taking breaths, doing something you like, or listening to songs. Whereas in depression, it’s not a choice. Laziness goes away after a day or two, and you get back to your schedule, but you can’t get over the depression that easily, no matter what people keep saying to you.


American Psychological Association states that markedly diminished interest and pleasure in activities is a severe sign of depression. No matter how much one wants to, one can not find interest and excitement in anything. They do not even want to engage in the activities they love to do earlier. They prefer to stay at home and do nothing all day rather than socializing and communicating.


The most important question to ask yourself is being “lazy” hampering your work, daily activities, and relationships. Does nothing feel the same as it used to be? If one feels this way for weeks or months now, they might be suffering from depression. In contrast, laziness has more to do with procrastination. We procrastinate our work for different reasons. At times we want to take a break or not feel motivated. A change in routine can make us lazy and inactive. Whereas when you can't feel better about yourself through any self-care activity, family talks, proper sleep, favorite movie, dressing up, and even after getting back to the routine, that is a sign of depression.

For days there are unanswered feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Often people blame themselves for feeling a certain way, but nobody chooses to handle it a particular way. It just happens. The critical difference between them both is that in depression, people do not want to feel that way. It is entirely out of their control. Nobody ever does something to feel that way. While in laziness, you can eventually choose not to be in that particular mood by working on yourself.


Depression hits people out of the blue, making them feel helpless at the end of the day. Nobody with depression is ever acting in a way to seek attention. It is probably the last thing on their mind. They start feeling guilty and annoyed at themselves. They end up questioning why it hit them? When they realize they are suffering from it, they try to avoid it absolutely or fake it. Well, we can not blame them for it. Our society is not fully accepting yet and open to the importance of mental health. People feel ashamed to talk about it because the environment around them isn’t so comfortable for them. 


This feeling leads to worse situations when people start to keep things to themselves. It slowly eats them up inside. They stop sharing things assuming no one understands. This mentality drifts them apart from their family and friends because they feel guilty about it. At times blaming oneself can also lead to suicidal thoughts. Close to eighty thousand people die due to suicide every year. They lose hope, from the world to be understood and from themselves too, to live.

It is a very dark and hopeless pit where people keep sinking, and it gets challenging to come out of it without proper help and medication if required.

What can we do about it if we face some signs or know someone suffering from depression? 


Firstly we need to get this in our minds straight that we have no idea about what is happening in someone's life. We can not judge anyone with our assumption of their lives, especially when someone faces a hard time. We have to be open-minded if one comes to us regarding depression. Do not tell them to cheer themselves up with specific activities, and it will go in a day or two. They did not choose to feel the way they do. Make them comfortable and talk to them because people speak the least about what they think the most.


Be accepting and tell them that it is alright and it will pass with time. If they do not share their overthinking and feelings, it will become more difficult to cure. It is a sensitive matter. No matter how good our intentions are, we could say the wrong thing. We need to show them that we care about them and how precious they are to us. People feel worthless and weak. It is our responsibility to make them feel wanted. Show them that they matter to you by giving a genuine hug but not making them feel like you sympathize with them but that you want to be there for them through every thick and thin.


Next, offer to share their load without making them feel like a burden on you because depression drains out all the energy and the will to do something emotionally and physically. Try to talk to them out of the stigma of talking to a therapist about their mental health.

Advise them to seek professional help by making them feel secure about it and normalizing it. If you get stuck on what to say to them, listen. Listening to such people can make a difference as well. Depressed people want to be heard but aren’t sure if the other person is willing to listen. Keep reminding them that this will get better, and you are in it with them no matter what.


Lastly, the least that we can all do despite knowing whether someone is suffering from depression is to be kind with our words. Our choice of words can make a difference in the world. Depression is not always visible. The person you meet can look the happiest from the outside, yet what if they are crying for help from the inside? We never know. 

Let us all be genuine and kind with our words, always. Keeping that in mind, do not ever reply to someone that their feelings will pass in a day and they are just “lazy”. They might be procrastinating, or they might not. So gear them out and be encouraging towards them. With our patience, support, and love, the world can become a better place to live in.


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