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Depression ; The Darkest phase of life

Depression , A darkest phase of life where we can't understand what we going through its feel like something new . You feel but you can't express what you want to say or to do , when any person goes through from that they feel like broken into pieces and shattered badly . Even we can't imagine what they faced in that situation,  yes everyone says they do darma and the only way to get rid from to left alone that's the way but it wasn't solution . A person Which goes through even they can't understand , how they manage alone ? 

Depression is not feeling down for an hour out of your day. It's not something to be glorified. It's not beautiful.Depression is being on the brink of tears because you dropped your glass of water. It’s not having the urge to clean up the mess, rather you fall on the floor and cry. People will ask why are you crying? What's wrong? And the only answer you can give is ‘I don't know but it's nothing new’.

Some days they feel good, great in fact, and you almost feel like you’re better. Then something small, a look from someone or a memory, can turn you into a mess.

There will be days where you roll out of bed and you'll have black under your eyes from yesterday's mascara. It’s there because you didn't have the energy to take your makeup off the night before.sometime they feel like the only solution is to endup the life even they try to do or sometime they do : . “Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear" 

Depression doesn't just hit the ‘kids with bad upbringings’. You can have a very privileged background with parents who love you unconditionally, parents who give you anything and everything you could want. But some bad things can happen, planting a seed for you to carry for life.




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