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Details about disabilities



Who is disabled?



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Our society and some others say that the person who has problems like being dumb, deaf, or physically challenged is a disabled person. A WHO report says that 16% of the world's population are disabled. Around 1.3 billion people have problems like being dumb, deaf, or physically challenged. Some physical disabilities are curable, but some mental disabilities are not, like ego, jealousy, wrong beliefs, etc.


Burden they face :


On a daily basis, the physically challenged face too many problems. Most of them are discriminated against by their family members, friends, and society as a whole. They'll need a dependency of others in daily basis for moving one place to another, working, eating, bathing and etc.


Their social lives are challenged compared with those of normal humans. In some areas, disabled people's fundamental rights are rejected. They'll be automatically isolated from society because of their disability.


Blind people will not see anything in the world. Around 0.49% of the blind people in the world are men. Some of the blindness is curable with modern treatment and suitable operations. Physically challenged persons cannot do some work normally like others. It will make them mentally weak and physically unstable. On a daily basis, a disabled person faces too many problems.

Who's fault is it ?


This is not their fault. Natural imbalances or human-made imbalances are a main reason for the disabilities around the world. The main causes of disabilities are environmental conditions, genetic issues, wrong medication intake, and using harmful chemicals for essential things.


The dangerous human woes are the industrial chemicals mixed into the rivers, lakes, and canals. It can make the genetic problem severe. Cancers are easily spread among people through these chemicals. One who intakes this water, their health may be affected in various ways, like disabled children and damaging body parts to become disabled artificially.


Humans are responsible for most serious artificial human disabilities, like being dumb, by using headphones and other sound-related products. artificial blindness by using electronics like a phone, laptop, and other visual-related things. Sterility in artificial is caused by modern Jung food practises, harmful water intake, and some other practises.

Government schemes for the disabled :


India has 3 to 4% of disabled people. NCDs are common in India. In India, Sikkim is most high in the Disability person lived.  These countries are having least amount of disabled in world level czechia, Bulgaria, Finland,etc.


Now a days, the governmenthas introduced schemes and plans for the disabled. It will be under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowered Facilities for Persons with Disabilities.


Schemes for the disabled :


  1. (DDRC) District Disability Rehabilitation Centre.

2. National scholarship.

3. Allowance for unemployment.

4. Allowance for the family with disabled childrens.

5. Special school for this student: Govt. BDS Deaf & Dumb school, Jorhat Blind Institute, School for hearing Impaired,etc.

6. (ADIP) Assistant to disabled person for purchase/fitting of aids and applicance.


" By raising awareness about these schemes, you can make a person's life smooth and good. Help others, particularly those who have disabilities. because God's love is there ".


Disability is not dependent on the physical. A good heart is healthy, and a dusty heart is disabled from my point of view.

-as reported by Bala Santhosh.

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