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Discover Istanbul: Things to Do and Why It's Worth Visiting

Istanbul, with its rich history and diverse cultural heritage, stands as a unique metropolis straddling two continents. While conventional tourist guides often highlight iconic landmarks, there's an authentic experience awaiting those willing to delve deeper into the soul of the city. Here are some unusual enriching activities to uncover Istanbul's vibrant essence.


• Kumkapi Meyhane Experience Venture into the Kumkapi neighborhood, nestled along the Marmara Sea coast. Dive into the vibrant Turkish tavern culture at a Meyhane, where the lively atmosphere, accompanied by Turkish Raki and delectable mezes, especially those featuring fish, provides an unforgettable experience.


• Cicek Pasaji Drinks Explore the charm of Cicek Pasaji, a hidden gem in Beyoglu since 1876. This quaint street boasts numerous restaurants and bars, offering a delightful stop near Istiklal Street. Embrace the fusion of local and tourist vibes in this historic spot.


• Savor Istanbul's Street Food Immerse yourself in the culinary delights of Istanbul by indulging in its diverse street food. From doner kebabs to heavenly baklava, the variety is endless. Navigate through the bustling streets, where every corner presents an opportunity to taste something new. Be cautious, though, and rely on local recommendations to avoid disappointment.


The Bosporus: Istanbul's Living Metaphor


The Bosporus Strait, akin to Istanbul itself, is a metaphorical bridge connecting East and West. Istanbul's unique position, as the only city spanning two continents, is a testament to its historical significance. Boats and ferries, rather than bridges, historically linked the diverse communities that make up this sprawling metropolis.


In Istanbul's colossal tapestry, ferries play a pivotal role, offering a perspective that goes beyond the confines of land. These vessels, ferrying locals and tourists alike, provide a panoramic view of the city's iconic sites and showcase its dynamic past and present.


Ferry Rides: A Cultural Odyssey


Ferry rides, intrinsic to Istanbul's cultural fabric, allow travelers to witness the city's transformation through time. Commencing in 1844, public ferries facilitated the daily lives of those living along the Bosporus, Marmara Sea, and Golden Horn. As Istanbul expanded, ferries became a vital link for newcomers, shaping the city's evolving culture.


Today, a ferry voyage from Kadiköy on the Asian side to Karaköy on the European side unfolds a cultural mosaic. With the Galata Tower and bridge as witnesses, passengers encounter a medley of languages and musical performances, reflecting Istanbul's diverse roots.


Ferries not only serve as transportation but also as gateways to hidden gems. The seaside village of Kanlica, an arduous two-hour journey by land, becomes a one-hour ferry ride away. Here, travelers can relish Kanlıca yoğurdu in a waterfront cafe, escaping the notorious traffic of Istanbul.


Rituals and Rhythms Aboard Ferries


Ferry journeys unveil the daily rituals of Istanbulites. Morning rides witness commuters grabbing simit bagels and pastries, sharing tea and newspapers with fellow passengers. These journeys transcend mere transportation; they encapsulate a cultural phenomenon.


"Ferries carry not only passengers but also the culture, traditions, and habits of the society," notes local journalist Adil Bali. The ferry experience is a symphony of street musicians, seagulls, tea-sipping, and the ever-changing panorama of Istanbul's skyline.


Iconic Views and Symbolic Seagulls


Istanbul's ferries offer unparalleled views of iconic landmarks, including Dolmabahce Palace, the Maiden's Tower, and the Haydarpaşa railway station. The Bosporus, one of the world's busiest waterways, witnesses approximately 40 million passengers annually, symbolizing the city's dynamic spirit.


Seagulls, gliding alongside ferries, have become synonymous with Istanbul's maritime identity. Their presence is so ingrained in the ferry experience that the operating company, Sehir Hatlari, adopted the seagull's colors for its logo. Local tradition even encourages ferry-goers to buy two simits—one for themselves and another for the seagulls.


In the words of local guide Aysegul Elif Sofuoğlu, "Don't forget to buy at least two simits before you start [the ferry trip]. One for you and another for seagulls." This simple act encapsulates the essence of Istanbul's ferry culture—a blend of tradition, camaraderie, and a deep connection to the city's maritime history.




In a city as vast and diverse as Istanbul, understanding its soul requires more than a checklist of landmarks. Embarking on a ferry journey not only provides breathtaking views but also immerses travelers in the heart of Istanbul's culture, where past and present converge seamlessly. As the ferries navigate the Bosporus, they become vessels of time, connecting the layers of Istanbul's rich history with its vibrant contemporary life. So, for a truly authentic experience, let the rhythmic hum of the ferry engines guide you through the strait that encapsulates the essence of Istanbul—where East and West dance together in a harmonious cultural symphony.

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