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Economic Freedom Of Women

"WOMEN", Years passed and the word still remains a discussion. A woman has been always treated weeker than a man for ages. Is it ever gonna be a restriction free planet for women ? Time has to answer and I feel the process has begun. 

Women keep fighting for their rights and the world witnesses the innumerable scars of success and feathers of failures. How far! How far should they sacrifice and fight for the things they are supposed to own at ease ? World must respond to this. 


On an average, The most basic thing women crave for is independence and the identity. No doubt, They both are related to the financial freedom of them. Once they get a chance to prove themselves and stand on their own, They can take decisions of their own life, Enjoy the freedom of thoughts, Which have been exploited by the unfair society at the most. 

We fight for the equality of men and women on one hand and try to overrule women with unnecessary fears and restrictions on other hand. According to a source, Women are earning around 82 percent of what men are earning. Though it's a positive sign showing women's freedom, I struggle to say it, Many women are still succumbing down in the well of restrictions created on the name of respect of family, Over-protective measures by families. Many women are even not given the right to think for themselves, Choose their career and take decisions of their lives. Sometimes they are nurtured with so many restrictions since childhood that they end up being dead mentally, Which is nothing lesser than death. They somehow presume that they are born just to breathe and agree to the society. They stop dreaming of what they wanted to achieve. They lose hopes on flying. They doubt themselves if they are even capable of doing anything.

Many issues Women still facing in the society, Like inequality, unfair treatment, incapable of taking decisions, Identity crisis, uncontrollable life, difficulty in freedom of expression, etc. can be resolved all together if we can provide economic freedom to the women. Financial freedom itself can become one solution to many problems of women. Unless this is achieved, All the equality principles are simply gonna lie in papers. 


Government institutions and non profit organizations have already started working for it and there is an increase in number of people getting awareness of it. Times are changing somehow with the modernization of world and increased technology. There are many ways women can earn in modern world. A simple YouTube channel or a commercial site enabling working from home can bring them their identity, self-esteem, financial freedom, a chance to decide for themselves and live their dreams. All they need is "Your support with no restrictions, Giving the freedom of thoughts, Moral strength and some positive appreciation for everything they try and everything they achieve. 


If we can't provide such minimum moral and ethical support, I must say what are we proud for ?! An unfair competition we are winning for years or the equality we are showcasing in inequalities in mere papers?! 

Your heart knows the answer and your mind knows what to do. 


- Tiny Sparkle

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