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End of Covid Pandemic as Seasonal Flu?

New Delhi: on 25th May, India reported 2.08 L COVID-19 infections, pushing the overall cases to 2.17 Cr. the country conducted 22.7 coronavirus tests, its highest-ever in a day, according to Union Health Ministry data. The death toll also climbed to 3.11 L with 4,157 fatalities reported in a 24-hour period.

The world meter on 25th May, World recorded 5.99L new covid cases with fatalities crossing 35L mark across the globe, the World Health Organisation is quite optimistic that by At the end of 2021, Major Pandemic vibes of the coronavirus will start to fade away. It will eventually, become an epidemic or endemic in the world in the next 2-3 years.

It has been over 18 months now; the world is still battling a pandemic brought on by the spread of coronavirus that spreads pneumonia and other complications. The SARS-COV2 virus is not new in nature. but its tendency to attack humans as hosts has become a major problem for the whole world.

Meanwhile, researchers and scientists across the world have achieved remarkable milestones in developing a no. of vaccines in record time and research over their nature over the period of time. Achieving herd immunity by vaccination or natural immunity is believed to be the only solution to end the pandemic. The Post-Covid world will be a lot different. Masks, sanitisers, etc. will be gone. But, the scars and haunt of the virus will not go away easily.

New research by scientists at the University of Utah, USA published a journal with a claim that ‘the virus responsible for SARS-CoV-2 may become infectious just like common cold within next few years.’ This means that its fatality will be minimum and it will become a very common disease.

The journal involved formulas and models on mathematics that analyses the pandemics across the world in period of times and how our body's immunity changes over time. This study concluded that “Over the next decade, the severity of COVID-19 may decrease as populations collectively develop immunity.”

Present times may feel like a pandemic is never-ending But eventually, it will end. Dr Fred Adler, a researcher involved with the project said “We can hope for sniffles and a cough or like a minor flu. It will have you flat on your back, but hopefully won’t kill you.”

End of the pandemic will be driven by the transformation of human’s immune systems, rather than changes by the virus. The immune system is an amazing beast at sort of not only dealing with a novel virus. As time will pass, the Impact of virus will decrease. Adler also quoted that children would be the only ones to become exposed for the first time this year as school opens. But they will be prone to less severe illness.


Other seasonal coronaviruses are already circulated in the human population. In 1918, World was suffering from Spanish Flu. but in Russia, a flu related to corona-virus also broke out in public. Similarly, in 2003 SARS outbreak was also due to Coronavirus. These all outbreaks were part of the study. But, the SARS-COV2 or COVID-19 virus is the best-known member of this virus family

Some evidences indicate that all of these cold-causing viruses might have once been severe. But, later with time all became inactive due to human responses. Final Modulation of the pandemic response showed that when a mass proportion of the population will become tendered to mild disease over the long term. SARS-CoV-2 would become "Just Another Seasonal Coronavirus," or Common Cold.

At the end of the Research paper, the only concern was raised that until now, the virus cannot escape the developing immune response even after mutating. If the mutations help the virus to escape, the model may alter in time. But, it is almost definite that Virus will become seasonal.


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