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Fast Fashion: Boon or a Curse?

Fashion has existed in society since the beginning of time.

It is a way of expressing oneself or showing that you’re aware and updated with the latest trends concerning fashion. Your sense of style can easily be used to judge your ethnicity, culture, religion, and even age. 

The idea related to style or fashion has evolved with time. Earlier, fashion trends lasted longer before becoming ‘outdated’. It’s an altogether different story in today’s time. 

Today’s fashion trends are rather fleeting, following one after another. This has to do a lot with the lifestyle of people at the current time. 

Comfort has become the last aspect to be considered when buying clothes as style has become the most important one, especially, with youngsters.

 People don’t buy clothes just because they don’t have anything to wear but to please society, to get their validation, to feel a sense of acceptance from others and that’s exactly why they have to show off. 

But what about those who can’t afford fashionable expensive clothes? This is when the term “fast fashion” came into existence.

Fast fashion is when small businesses or brands mass produces cheap dupes of high fashion brands or designers to make them available to everyone when they are at the peak of their demand.

 A middle-class person, or a youngster especially, for many reasons but mostly peer pressure tends to buy clothes that are trending at that particular time but mostly lack the finances. For them, fast fashion becomes the last resort.

There are a few other factors that contribute to the rapidly expanding fast-fashion industry. 



Reasons for growth in fast fashion:

Affordable & Cheap

Fast fashion brands recreate the designs of expensive, high-rise, and international fashion brands and designers. They produce a bulk of the same designs with cheaper products producing low-quality cheap and affordable dupe of the same product. 

This makes it easier for even people belonging to lower economy, to afford fashionable items. But this comes with a hefty price, these companies often exploit their employees by underpaying them and making them work overtime.

Fashion Awareness- 


The Internet plays an important role in making fast fashion a success. Due to social media and online advertisements, it becomes easier to get access to the latest fashion trends; what a celebrity in another continent might be wearing, etc.


The ever-longing societal pressure of ensuring to wear chic fashion all the time has resulted in a big fast fashion coup.



Globalization makes it easier for companies to exploit labor, resources, and materials from low-cost countries. 


Easy access to affordable and fashionable products from all over the world to anywhere in the world with cheaper prices has become easier than before due to Globalization.


Endless options to choose from-

Online fast fashion sites or in-person stores provide endless options to choose from. From different styles to different colors and patterns and multiple sizes, the choices are unlimited. 

Even when going out of stock, the demand is so high that the product restocks in a few days. This has led to authentic brands losing their customers as fast fashion brands pay no heed to quality and produce in bulk.

The biggest reason behind the success of fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and online fast fashion sites like Shein, Urbanic, etc. is their social media marketing.

Often unethical, environmentally concerning behaviour, exploitation of resources as well as human and animal rights people are denied and hidden from the world. To get more details on this subject click on the link below.

 Brands like H&M and Zara claim to be inclusive and mindful of all the concerning matters of society when the reality is that they are the top 5 fast fashion brands in the world.

Boycotting the brand isn’t a solution because fast fashion is here to stay. It’s not just a habit or ‘fashion trend’ that would fade with time but a lifestyle for today’s generation. 

It’s better to be mindful of society as well as the environment. Choosing from brands that not only claim to be respectful and ethical but also prove to be one can be a good start to change.

 It’s not easy to change a lifestyle especially when it has influenced society as a whole but something is always better than nothing.

Buying only when you know you need a certain item and not because it’s in trend right now can be a good way to start.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Edited by:


Mariyam Qureshi

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