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Growth Curve of Smart City Ajmer


Ajmer is a city having historical, spiritual and cultural significance. Since the last few years, it has marked records of development. Industrial growth, education of youth, literacy, beautification, per capita income as compared to neighbouring districts. Keeping with the pace of the world, Ajmer city has made exceptional growth which must be acknowledged, People have now started to spend their disposable income on leisure activities which have helped small scale businesses to foster in the city a little bit of credit is due I would say to the government for formulating and executing projects such as Ana Sagar Lake project, constructing a pedestal for the lakeside of Ana Sagar giving a 13Km perimeter of Lakeview to citizens. Albeit the infrastructural growth doesn't imply pleasant citizens always, as per feedbacks the current Flyover project from Railway station to Bus stand has compelled the vehicles to navigate through alternative paths which are quite narrow Hence the increased hassle of traffic in the city, although the scenario will change with a positive graph once the project is completed by then I presume that people would be accustomed to unnecessary honking.

Furthermore, Ajmer has managed to create a special identity for itself which is quite noticeable in the form of increased tourism. In the earlier decade, Ajmer used to be a halt point for foreigners mainly because of its connectivity to Puskar but now Ajmer is perceived as a delightful destination itself. 

Quality of life

The city has been tested on various aspects of convenient standard of living which form the identity and sociality of living. The national average standard of living is 51.38% while Ajmer`s average is 61.76% which is expected to rise to 85% by 2030. 

Economic strength

This aspect is directly related to disposable income and employment opportunities of the people living in a city, as of now the National average of Economic viability is 13.17% which implies that this percentage of the population is economically balanced and is expected to foster at the same pace in future while the Ajmer`s average is quite low at just 6.37%. To improve this further, economic activities such as industrial trade will have to be expanded and employment-oriented education has to be encouraged which can inculcate skill set-based attributes in society. 

Sustainable Development

Along with the population of Ajmer, the acquisition of land assets is also increasing which raises the need for judicial resource allocation. Ajmer city is surrounded by the Aravalli ranges from all sides, the possibilities of its infrastructure expansion are less; the ever-increasing buildings of the city are an indicator that the city will develop vertically in the coming decade. 

Ajmer has a perfect identity in the field of education and communal harmony, considering the upcoming government projects, the youth of the city are going to be sports enthusiasts as well. Although once upon a time, the ability of the players here was considered iron and international players have also emerged from here, but over time, given the challenges posed by the changing technology and requirements of the games, the lack of quality facilities and resources has made the city`s position in terms of sports. Now with the mobilization of sports facilities, resources and infrastructure the situation is changing and the light of hope is visible. I look at the current situation. There are only a few places in the city like Patel Stadium, Chandravardai Stadium, Moolchand Chauhan Indoor Stadium, Azad Park where different types of sports, field games and indoor games have been played. However, ADSA, loco and carriage ground of railways can also be counted. Out of which the carriage ground has been destroyed, the loco ground is not very useful and the ADSA ground is not available to all as it is property of railways.

Apart from the city`s developing Sports facilities people's taste habits and lifestyle have also changed. Since we can observe new Food Zone concepts have now been introduced in commercial areas. New food zones will be formed in different areas of Smart city Ajmer, after Vaishali Nagar, new outlets will also be formed at Shastri Nagar, Lohagal Road, Zanana hospital. New restaurants in Ajmer are also coming up as a pipeline project around Ana Sagar Lake a new look is being given to the city.


Lack of awareness of Ajmer`s citizens

With the expansion of Smart city Ajmer, the number of four-wheelers in the city has increased rapidly. The ever-increasing number of vehicles has increased the traffic as well as parking problem of the city. However, the speed with which the number of vehicles has increased is now changing the parking system in the city on the same line. Parking options are available in the market but they are not being utilized properly. With proper use of these parking spots, the traffic and parking problem of the city can be solved. 

Let us brief you about the parking habits and conditions in the city 

  1. Topdara gate railway`s multilevel parking stand

        Capacity: 150 vehicles on roof 150 vehicles at the basement

        Condition: less used 

  1. Pal Bichla railway station entry gate II

        Capacity: 50-60 four-wheelers and 200 two-wheelers

        Condition: not used 

  1. Gandhi Bhawan railway station parking

        Capacity: 150 four-wheelers 150 two-wheelers

        Condition: used only by railway passengers 

  1. Logia Ayurveda hospital parking

        Capacity: 450 four-wheelers

        Situation: built by the initiative of the smart city project is only used by domestic tourists during Eid nearby Dargah Shariff. 

  1. New Market Veterinary hospital parking

        Capacity: 300 two-wheelers

        Condition: under construction

  1. Akhbar`s Fort

        Capacity: 100 four-wheelers

        Condition: used by market and Ajmer museum visitors

With proper awareness and acting as a responsible citizen, we can navigate Ajmer`s growth towards a more prosperous standard of living, the rules and guidelines shouldn`t be forced but respectfully complied. The name Ajmer translates to ‘invincible hill’ because it is surrounded by Aravalli hills which symbolises its strength, through the medium of this text we want you to acknowledge the uprising growth of the city and be a significant part of it.

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