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In recent years, there has been a progressive increase in the emphasis on mental health. People who previously did not consider mental health to be a problem have begun to view it differently. While awareness is spreading across the globe, so are misconceptions about it. Psychology, a subject that has been misunderstood the most, has received a greater amount of attention than the rest of the years. People have finally begun to pay attention to one of a person's most important characteristics, not only physical health but also psychological well-being. Many people around the country exploited this media to make money in an immoral way. Is it only a matter of complimenting and appreciating someone with mental health issues? No. Psychology, like any other discipline of research, is a science that involves ethical methods.

 Every single one of us has been affected in some way by this epidemic. Whether we are talking about babies, toddlers, students, teenagers, or adolescents, this lockdown provided a respite from the lives we have been living since we were born. A kind of pause that is quite uncertain; no one on the planet knows how long we will be in this phase. In addition, learning about the millions of people who lost their lives at this time has been depressing. Each of us was terrified because we had all lost someone we knew. Despite this, many people were thankful to be with their loved ones. They were able to spend quality time that they had previously been unable to do due to the fast-paced nature of the world. It drew us together. Our mental health has deteriorated to some level as a result of being at home, under the pressure of being infected, or fear of losing someone. Every one of us has experienced mental illness at some point in our lives. Our bodies, minds, and everything else have enabled us to survive and withstand this pandemic.

 Teenagers are the age group that has been the most unintentionally influenced. Though they may be enjoying their time at home, away from the additional responsibilities, this is one of a person's most essential years. This is when they experience the most growth, and some of them even decide their future during these fruitful years. This is when a person learns the most, and because of the pandemic, they have been missing out on mandatory school days. Not only in terms of career advancement, but they also grow as individuals, learning about a variety of contents. They begin to prioritize their tasks. They stutter, they get up, and they learn. Their perceptions broaden as a result of their expanded viewpoint. They notice differences of opinion among peers. It is also applicable for college students who miss out on one of the most memorable days of their lives. When they join college, they are exposed to a whole new set of circumstances than when they were in high school. During this time, people tend to develop a variety of abilities, strive to reach out to a big audience, and learn something new every day. The continuous events held on campus provide students with an experience that they cannot get anyplace else. This is the time when they get to engage with peers the most, social life is a priority.

Alongside these issues, parent’s expectations put children under pressure too. Many of their peers must be doing better in some aspect, which makes an impact too. Right from being teenagers to adolescents, a lot happens in that period. Children are always under some kind of pressure. Either it is regarding academics, or to get into the desired college or to be better than peers or to prove parents their worth or to find a new job; challenges are mandatory in the way. Tackling them alone is no less than an uphill battle; some don’t find it hard to go along while some go through burnouts and hardships to achieve what they want. Another very important aspect of teen aging is exploring their sexuality and identity. The question WHO AM I spins always in the brain. Most of the children tend to be attracted to another gender, it gives them happiness and pleasure. During this time, they go through various heartbreaks or betrayals, which might ultimately make an impact on their mental health. Relationships play quite a role and many of them fail due to one of them being insecure about their body. This is an age group, where body image issues develop actively among every other person. Especially, girls are affected a lot. On the other hand, boys seem to enjoy and cherish their physical growth since they gain confidence with their developed muscles and physique. Sometimes, body image issues affect people so much that many of them end up having severe eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. Teenage is a part of life where the world spins; it lets the person go through a lot and prepares them for life, in terms of relationship, career, individual, etc. During the lockdown, these things have seen an declination since people aren’t able to meet their peers in person. It makes it even worse for them. And during this fragile period, support from family is much essential.

 Parents are expected to be as calm as possible. Because the child is already under stress all that is required is cooperation. Parents can assist them by keeping the house in a positive attitude so that the youngster does not experience any stress. They must pay attention to the conversation they are having. Anything could set him off at this tender age, and he might misinterpret it. They should make it mandatory for them to stick to a sleep schedule, as students crave to sleep for longer periods, and this pandemic is no less than an opportunity for them. Don't try too hard, but every parent's priority during this contagious disease is to keep an eye on their children's health. Additionally, involving children in some form of physical activity is beneficial. This would be beneficial to their mental health as well. Mental and physical health is intertwined; if one isn't in top form, the other will struggle to function well. Another factor to consider is each child's screen time. Due to rising technology and a fast-forward generation that is unable to disconnect from their phones and laptops, it isn’t easy to keep them off as it is one of the entertaining sources. Again, being very strict is not an option; at this age, they are more likely to resist as they explore new things and decide to do things on their own.

 This pandemic has certainly made life more difficult to bear, yet all that is required is emotional, mental, and physical support from loved ones. Mental health is no laughing matter; people have been dealing with a variety of challenges recently. Depression, anxiety, stress, and hypertension all contribute to people's mental health deterioration. Kindness and cooperation are both required to soothe each other, and it makes someone happy without you even realizing it. Being depressed is essentially the same as being mentally bedridden. It takes guts to be vulnerable. Therapists and counselors are available all around the world to assist you in overcoming your difficulties. Mental health, contrary to popular belief, is a condition that must be treated. Make an appointment with a psychologist to assist you. Nobody knows until we are at this phase, but take care of your incredible body, which has been with you since the beginning. Serve it with pride because you survived a period of devastation during which a large number of people died as a result of this horrible sickness. Being grateful is the only thing that we ideally should be doing. To be hopeful is no less than a courageous step, as Dalai Lama said, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck”.


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