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India in Global politics

 The world is going through some fundamental changes. People all across the world expected the crisis between Ukraine and Russia to last only a few days, as it was considered that Ukraine would yield and the war would finish, but this is not the case. We can see how superpower hegemony is now being confronted as Ukraine remains firm in its principles.That explains why the international system is in a state of flux; no one knows what will happen next.

In the midst of all this turmoil, India is attracting international prominence as the world looks upon us for our stance and various aspects regarding the crisis. India's top priority, rather than focusing on the crisis, was the evacuation of Indian residents from combat zones. India abstained from the UN General Assembly against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which disappointed a lot of other countries. India must examine the implications from various angles, and abstaining from voting in the UN General Assembly was one of them to avoid appearing on the wrong side of the international community, as India has a soft power position in world affairs. Even though the West was imposing sanctions against Russia, it was observed that the West was still buying Russian oil and gas. It demonstrates duplicity on the part of the West.


"India has bad and worse options to pick from," says JN Misra, a former Indian diplomat. At this juncture in world events, India is treading a delicate diplomatic path, attempting to strike a balance between its connections with Moscow and the West, as well as creating diplomatic grounds for dialogue with Russia and even Ukraine in order to call for a quick stop to the conflict. India believes in diplomacy and peaceful conflict settlement, which is the polar opposite of the current crisis involving the harming of civilians. 

India has a long relationship with Russia, and its oil trade with Russia benefits uswhich is one of India's most vital relationships and support that cannot be risked. India is also aware that Russia has consistently backed us in difficult situations, such as UN Security Council votes (whereas Ukraine voted against us). India is taking a position in global politics by taking part in a global struggle that is turning out to be beneficial.


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