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It Looks Like the A.I. is Running Through the Music

Artificial intelligence has been making headway throughout the world, as the technology seems to be doubling in its involvement daily. From its involvement in disrupting the entire work force to its gigantic impact via the entertainment industries by way of virtual reality, there is no denying the revolution that is coming.


Although it is in its infancy, Artificial Intelligence is moving mountains. A.I has been dipping its toes in the music industry, causing many to question its potential risks and benefits. But why is this new phenomenon trying to get into the world of the rhythms and the blues? Perhaps, convenience? Maybe, the natural curiosity that envelopes all human beings?       



Music has always had an impact on us since time immemorial. From the caveman to modern man, it impacted the way we view the world and ourselves. Music is the one thing that was used to make the mundaneness of life more colorful and spontaneous. However, how much spontaneity will be left once AI becomes music’s new composer and producer? According to, “Among the main fears is that AI-powered music could render human musicians and songwriters obsolete, replacing them and thus sending them into unemployment. These fears should be taken with a grain of salt, however. After all, there’s one thing AI can’t do: Being creative like a musician.” (


The article was covering the potential pros and cons that AI-composed music may bring with it, and it concluded that it was not going to have much of an impact. The article implied that there seems to be one distinct advantage that humans have over their artificial counterparts: their ability to be creative and spontaneous.



Like anything revolutionary, there eventually hits a point of oversaturation, according to the Thomann. De. “After all, everyone still decides for themselves about their own musical taste. If a genre is potentially flooded with monotony, consumers automatically turn away, but do not reject music altogether.” ( Many artists are against the idea of having robots make hits for them. Others may think otherwise. But there is no denying that AI is here to stay, in every major industry imaginable.



As with all new inventions that has the potential to change life as we know it, there are skeptics

who fear the change. With great change comes a whole host of questions that are waiting to be answered. How are the musicians going to properly compensated if their talents are being vocalized by a robot? We have been hearing the news lately about the emergence of Chat GPT, the new chatbot that has gone viral for its conversational people skills. It has been stated that the chatbot has made people convinced that they were having a regular conversation with a person.


AI is showing an immense potential that most people aren’t prepared for, some will argue. It has become evident that most of the machinery is showing potential of self-regulation and self-learning.   The technology, in and of itself, is not the problem but the intentions of those who wield it.  



The future holds a lot of mystery. But hopefully, humanity may be able to come to grips with the AI.



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