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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Keeping It Clean And Organized



The kitchen is the heart of a household. Therefore, keeping it clean, organized and beautiful is important for every family. 

This place has a lot to give us. For some, the kitchen is their space for exploration. Yes, we are talking about the passionate cooks! 

It must give you the space to think, innovate and create amazing dishes. Every inch of your kitchen must be accessible. 

Moreover, a kitchen cannot have wasted space. Every corner needs to fulfill a function. From storing to washing and cooking, a highly functional kitchen can help you save time. 

Also, a kitchen must give you positive vibes. You can get flower delivery in Prague and other decor items to make your kitchen look good. 

However, it is important to note that no matter how small or big your kitchen is, you can always complete it with the right planning and design. 

Therefore, we have created a guide to help you develop a new plan for kitchen redecoration. 

Kitchen Layout Plans 

A kitchen is a highly functional area. It is important that you design the space according to the convenience and preference of the whole family. 

When remodeling your kitchen, you must first choose a layout. The new layout plan must consider the following factors: 

  • Space for the kitchen (big or small). 

  • Ventilation. 

  • Budget. 

  • Ease of maintenance. 

  • Number of appliances. 

  • Workflow. 

  • The size of your family. 

Now, keeping these pointers in mind, let us look into the different kitchen layouts that you can pursue when remodeling— 

1. Single-Wall Kitchens 

These kitchens are built on a linear wall and work great for small homes with fewer family members. 

It costs less if you plan to remodel your kitchen into a single-wall space. Moreover, it helps ease the workflow. Your work simply moves in a linear form.  

Therefore, start the line with the fridge and storage spaces, followed by the washing and cleaning area, i.e., the sink.  

Next, install your utensil cabinet and the cooking or preparation sector.  

Moreover, extending the sink longer allows you to use the space for preparatory activities like cutting, garnishing, mixing, etc. 

2. L-Shapes Kitchens 

This layout uses two adjacent walls to form an L shape. This kitchen is ideal for medium to large spaces. You can accommodate a family of upto four members with this kitchen layout. 

This kitchen layout allows you to cook big meals with enough space and includes great storage provisions. 

It is more popular in modern homes with open kitchens. This layout lets you place a dining table near your kitchen space to complete the look. 

Moreover, this is a highly adaptable design. You can easily make changes within the space, like moving your refrigerator, oven, or other appliances and cabinets. 

3. U-Shaped Kitchens 

U-shaped kitchens are largely part of homes that provide a different room for a kitchen. You can position this layout against three adjacent walls.  

Moreover, these kitchen layouts are ideal for large families or hosting events. They allow multiple cooks to prepare food simultaneously and promote less traffic flow.  

They come with ample space for ingredients and can store small appliances inside base cabinets.  

U-shaped kitchens follow the kitchen work triangle principles. Therefore, it requires three working stations in separate, accessible areas: 

  • Cooktop. 

  • Sink. 

  • Refrigerator.  

You can add a center island to make the kitchen more inviting. Add some chairs or benches around it for guests to sit and talk while preparing dishes.  

4. Galley Kitchens 

Galley kitchens, named after the cooking area on a large ship, are a popular layout for apartments or smaller homes.  

Galley or Corridor kitchens are known for their limited space. However, they offer optimal function and efficiency.  

For this layout, you can take a “dead-end” approach. This allows only one way in and out. Therefore, you can reduce foot traffic and add extra wall space.  

On the other hand, a "pass-through" galley kitchen has two entrances on opposite ends. Therefore, it increases foot traffic but slightly decreases usable wall space.  

These designs are common in apartments or smaller homes where open-concept or L-shaped designs are not ideal.  

5. G-Shaped Kitchens 

A G-shaped kitchen, resembling the letter 'G,' has four sides of counter space. It is similar to a U-shaped kitchen with an additional fourth dimension.  

This gives it the shape of a jut or peninsula, adding an extra workspace or dining space.  

This layout is ideal for open-plan spaces and single-use rooms. It increases storage and worktop space.  

Moreover, the peninsula kitchen layout is popular for its versatility. It provides a great social space for meaningful interactions at any time of day. 

The kitchen features a G-shaped open-plan design, a breakfast bar, and additional storage for a multifunctional dining area.  

It also features a peninsula layout for extra storage, ensuring a clutter-free home. Magnet's innovative storage innovations optimize a tidy home.  

How To Maintain The Shine? 

The kitchen’s shine does not depend on the cleaning effectiveness alone. It also comes from how you organize and decorate the space. 

Therefore, we have some great tips to help you bring the ultimate shine to your kitchen— 

1. Keep The Surfaces Clean And Decluttered 

The basic step to maintaining a clean kitchen is decluttering.  

Keep surfaces in your kitchen as clear as possible. You can store items in cupboards, drawers, and cabinet units. This will make it easier to clean and prevent clutter.  

Additionally, clutter acts as a magnet to more clutter. Therefore, it makes it hard to tidy up.  

You can use baskets and racks inside the cabinets and cupboards to organize your things. This can help you categorize each item and make it more efficient. 

However, avoid using open organizers or racks on the kitchen top. No matter what, stick to keeping kitchen items away from the sight. This will enhance the space and help you maintain cleanliness.  

2. Avoid Water Stains On The Sink 

We use water in our kitchens for almost every activity. Therefore, the sink is one of the most functional objects in a kitchen. 

Although water is the basic cleaning agent, it can leave stains on your sink and other areas of the kitchen top.  

This is more common for localities with hard water. This water contains heavy amounts of iron. Thus, stains surfaces if not wiped completely. 

However, it is impossible to keep wiping water off the surfaces at all times. 

Therefore, a great technique to clear these stains is using vinegar. You can wet a cloth with vinegar and use it to wipe the surfaces once or twice every week. 

This will help you maintain a shining sink and kitchen top. 

3. Dust The Cabinet And Fridge Top 

Dusting is necessary to enhance the life of your kitchen appliances and maintain their shine. Every surface that doesn’t get a regular wipe from your cabinets to the refrigerator deserves a dry dusting once a week. 

You can use a stepladder to reach the top of your refrigerator.  

However, always start by clearing off all the items you’ve stored on the refrigerator top. 

Once you have done that, dust everything, from the cereal boxes to the old pots and the fridge top itself.  

For this process, it's best to use a clean microfiber cloth and some dusting spray. This will help ensure that your refrigerator is free of dust or debris accumulated over time. 

4. Resist Grease Buildup 

Grease build-up in the kitchen can cause health risks such as the following:  

  • Respiratory issues. 

  • Food contamination. 

  • Pest attraction. 

  • Slip and fall hazards.  

Moreover, it is highly flammable and can ignite on hot stoves or ovens, causing a smoky, oily haze. Also, contaminated food can lead to food poisoning and other illnesses.  

Therefore, a range hood prevents slip and fall hazards by removing grease, smoke, and steam from the cooking area.  

Regular cleaning of filters and the hood helps remove accumulated grease.  

You must clean up after every meal. It helps prevent grease buildup and makes it harder to remove later.  

Wipe down countertops and stove after use. Additionally, clean spills immediately, followed by vacuuming and mopping floors to prevent grease accumulation on floors. 

5. Use Magnet Hangers For The Steels 

Magnetic hooks are an efficient way to secure your kitchen items on steel surfaces without any hassle.  

They usually consist of a powerful neodymium magnet encased in metal with a hook or loop attachment. This allows you to hang items securely.  

These magnetic hangers are strong enough to hold your large pots, pans, and pressure cookers. Moreover, it is the most convenient option for organizing your knives and serving spoons.  

All you need to do is extend your hand, and your things are right in their place. 

This also creates additional storage space and brings order to your kitchen.  

So, if you want to keep your belongings in place and add some extra flair to your kitchen, magnetic hooks are the way to go! 

Attach them to the surface of your cabinets, or get a magnetic rod over your head. It provides the perfect ease. 

6. Boil Up Some Freshness 

A fresh kitchen goes beyond its look. The kitchen is the space where people often take deep breaths only for the smell. 

Therefore, you cannot have the place smelling bad, ever! 

Here’s a tip to make your kitchen smell fresh: 

Boil some spices with lemon grass and your choice of fragrant items in a simple boiler with water. Next, let the vapor flow around your kitchen. 

This is one of the classic methods to freshen up your kitchen.  

You cannot use aerosol sprays or other artificial fragrances in a kitchen. They can get into your food and cause poisoning. Therefore, this natural method with natural materials like petals, fruit peels, whole spices, etc., is the best way to make your kitchen smell like whatever you can imagine. 

7. Keep Some Greens And Blooms 

Keeping fresh flowers in the kitchen can add elegance and a welcoming feel to the space. Flowers provide a boost to mental health and promote fresh air circulation.  

Moreover, incorporating large plants into the home can also create the illusion of more space.  

Planting flowers can also attract beneficial insects and predators such as bees, butterflies, and wasps, which can help keep pests at bay.  

There are many types of plants that can thrive in low-light conditions. Therefore, if your kitchen lacks big, sunny windows, you can still enjoy the benefits of live greenery.  

Incorporating live greenery into your kitchen is an easy and effective way to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. 

8. Arrange The Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets are filled with various dishes, cookware, and ingredients.  

Therefore, it is best to organize them effectively using sliding shelves instead of fixed ones. They make your kitchen items more accessible at both the front and back.  

Moreover, a shallow lip around each shelf prevents supplies from falling off.  

You can add a pullout rack inside the door for spice organizers or install a turntable for oil and vinegar bottles on one shelf.  

Label your spices and herbs for quick inventory and easy stacking. Moreover, place the paper, plastic, and glass bins within the reach of your cleanup zone. 

9. Show Off Your China 

Everyone wants to boast their collection of chinaware. What’s a better place than the kitchen to show off your collection? 

Displaying your chinaware gives your kitchen a vintage aura.  

However, placement is crucial when styling fine china plates. You can use an odd number of crockeries for any display and keep the rest safely tucked away. 

Vary heights, with the tallest at the back and smallest nestled between two for a decorative focal point.  

Moreover, you can use plate racks to display plates hanging on walls or countertops and ensure they have adjustable slots to accommodate plates of varying shapes and sizes. 

10. Light Up The Space 

You can use dim lighting all over your home except for the kitchen. This is where you’ll work with sharp objects and need clear vision to determine the color, consistency, and texture of the food you’re cooking. 

Therefore, a kitchen needs bright lighting. 

Interior designers believe at least 80 to 100 watts is necessary for a bright kitchen.  

Moreover, you can hang a mirror to create an illusion of more light and space. Embrace clamp lamps from various sources.  

Add lights under the cabinets and avoid colored lights in the kitchen. Colored or fluorescent lights can create illusions that can hinder your cooking. 

Make It Shine! 

Following all the steps mentioned above can help you get a shining new kitchen. This is a space where you make tons of memories. 

Once you’re done with the remodeling, invite your friends and relatives over and bask in their praise over your new kitchen. 

Make every moment count while you’re working in that kitchen! 

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