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Live Music in London: But Who’s Playing?

London, a city known for its vibrant music scene, has witnessed the rise of an extraordinary platform that has captivated the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts: SoFar London. SoFar London has become a hub for music lovers seeking unique and unforgettable live performances.  The captivating initiative was launched in 2008 when a low-key, private performance at a flat in London was hosted for a few friends, and those few friends realized this could be a popular event spread beyond their living room. 

In the present, SoFar unites audiences and artists worldwide. SoFar London is a branch of the global SoFar Sounds community, and as its origin space, has redefined the way people experience live music. 

By organizing secret gigs in intimate and unconventional venues, SoFar London provides an enticing platform for both upcoming and experienced artists to engage with their audience on a profoundly personal level. Delving into the unique allure of SoFar London one can see how it has transformed the live music landscape of the city.

The Birth of SoFar London 

Imagine living in the year 2008, you are hosting a little get together with friends in a random living room and you think, ‘Gee, this is great.’ That’s exactly how SoFar London began. Sofar Sounds (the parent branch of SoFar London) was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: to bring the magic back to live music by creating immersive and intimate experiences. 

Founded by Rafe Offer, Rocky Start, and Dave Alexander, SoFar Sounds humble beginnings did nothing to stop its expansion. The founders wanted to create a space where musicians and listeners could forge genuine connections without the distractions and limitations of traditional concert settings. This grassroots movement soon gained popularity, spreading its wings across the globe and establishing SoFar Sounds as a prominent force in the live music industry.

SoFar London emerged as a flagship location within the SoFar Sounds community, quickly gaining a reputation for its exceptional curation of secret gigs. What sets SoFar London apart is its birthright and place of origin for the movement, and its unwavering commitment to fostering an intimate environment that allows artists to share their craft authentically while providing audiences an unparalleled live music experience.

The SoFar London Experience

The heart of SoFar London lies in its ability to create unique and intimate experiences that connect artists and music lovers in profound ways. Unlike traditional concerts where the focus can often shift to grandeur and spectacle, SoFar London strips away the excess, allowing the music itself to take center stage.

Each concert is organized as a secret gig in unconventional venues, such as living rooms, art galleries, coworking spaces, and even rooftops. Attendees are kept in the dark about the location and lineup until 36 hours before the concert,  heightening the sense of anticipation and adventure. 

The undisclosed locations add an air of anticipation and excitement, encouraging attendees to embark on a musical adventure, often discovering hidden corners of the city they may not have encountered otherwise.

The magic of a SoFar London gig lies in the intimate settings that foster a deep connection between the artists and the audience. With limited capacity, the gigs create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging genuine interaction and appreciation. Attendees are encouraged to actively listen, immersing themselves in the music and forging connections with both the performers and fellow audience members. 

The absence of distractions, such as talking or cell phones, amplifies the intensity of the experience, allowing for an uninterrupted and transcendent musical journey.

Diversity and Discovery 

SoFar London prides itself on its commitment to showcasing an array of diverse musical talents. From acoustic singer-songwriters to jazz ensembles, from indie rock bands to experimental electronic acts, the lineups curated by SoFar London are carefully designed to cater to a wide range of musical tastes. By doing so, the organization creates a vibrant and inclusive platform where attendees can discover new genres and artists, broadening their musical horizons.

The focus on supporting emerging artists is a key component of SoFar London's ethos. Many budding musicians have used their SoFar London performances as launching pads for their careers, as the intimate setting allows for a personal connection with the audience that can be transformative. SoFar London provides artists with a dedicated and receptive audience, allowing them to refine their craft, gain exposure, and build a strong foundation for their musical journey.

Community and Connection: Supporting Emerging Artists

Beyond the enchanting music and unique venues, SoFar London has fostered a tight-knit community of music lovers, artists, and volunteers. The gigs bring together individuals who share a passion for live music, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection. Attendees often find themselves engaged in conversations with fellow music enthusiasts, forging new friendships and discovering shared musical interests. The community aspect extends beyond the gigs themselves, with SoFar London hosting social events and workshops that facilitate networking and collaboration among musicians and music lovers alike.

SoFar London's impact goes beyond providing an exceptional live music experience; it has become a catalyst for creating meaningful connections and supporting local music scenes. Through its curated gigs, the organization has become a launchpad for emerging artists and an invaluable platform for established musicians to experiment and connect with their audience in an intimate setting.


SoFar London has transformed the live music landscape of the city, reimagining what it means to experience music in a world often dominated by large-scale concerts and festivals. By hosting secret gigs in intimate venues, SoFar London offers an unparalleled platform for artists and music lovers to connect on a profoundly personal level . 

The organization's dedication to diversity, discovery, community, and connection has solidified its place as a driving force in London's live music scene. Whether you're a seasoned gig-goer or new to the music scene, a SoFar London experience is a magical journey that will leave you with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for the power of live music.


If you’re interested in learning more check out their Instagram page @sofarlondon and their website!

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