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Machiavelli Said, “An Unavoidable War Is Called Justice.”

She was leisurely wandering around, exactly like the comma placed in the middle of the sentence, her life had a pause. There was an interval. She overheard someone saying, “A movie does not complete without an interval.” There were innumerable catalysts. Aren't catalysts usually numerous but the one they affect is a limited resource? Interval suggested to her, to fall is to rise. But she thought why not rising to fall be declared a quote now? She passed by a skyrocketing building that was trying to encroach on nature’s domain.


“Belief in justice is intact.” She heard fellow wanderers talking. Though she was crawling like a baby initially, listening to this she headed a little fast. Yes, she formed her belief on someone else's belief. Suddenly, there was heavy rain. In November? Yes. It was telling her, it was all artificial. She asked, beliefs?


The spontaneity of everything happening around implied life to her. Did the walk end then? No. Why, she found the meaning of life, isn’t it? Only if one definition satisfied her!


En route, she observed a man (whom she knew) telling another man, “I will return your money tomorrow.” She smiled. Because the crying baby whose voice was seeping through the ears was a catalyst for him to lie. Ailing mother was another. Is this lie justified? Where is justice? Mere belief is enough? All the wanderers smiled through and continued on their paths.


Continuity is a way of life. Continuous questioning receiving no answers, too?


The sky turned dark as she walked ahead. Tried to look at the smiles but couldn't see. It was too dark. She could just view the shining eyes which were lit enough to sparkle. She wondered, “Are these eyes sparkling with happiness, or are they moist with despair?” No answer. But one thing was certain, it was the eye that pierced through her heart, not the smile. Eyes Never lie, smiles do?


She felt an awakening right then. Awakened enough to walk fast. Walked too fast just to know whether the night was too dark or they never smiled. Or, we were laughing so hard that their smiles faded.


The Sun rays hit. It was morning. A new day, new questions. A new way to know the answer. There are many catalysts. The motive stays constant. An unavoidable war waging inside to know the answer. An answer that seems obvious but isn’t.


Her heart was still on that road where the person spoke a lie. She was grown up but even age didn’t let her rest. And, the comma never turned into a full stop.

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