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Making a Presentation Made Easy!

Do you feel overwhelmed when your professor asks you to prepare a presentation on a topic or your boss appoints you and asks you to create one for a new client? Imagining both scenarios in your mind bet they make you perspire. Creating a presentation has always been daunting and despite having a lot of experience in creating one, a new presentation preparation always makes you nervous.


A successful presentation involves a lot of research, practice, and consistency. These tips mentioned below should help you create one without much sweat.


Start with a Scribble


Choosing the right template which will elevate the look of the presentation is important. If you are confused about choosing the right one between an existing one or one of your own, do some scribbles. Take a blank canvas on Microsoft PowerPoint or a blank paper and scribble. Give it a thought and decide where you would like to place the text and the images. Look for examples online to get more ideas.


Do your Research


You have the topic, start your research, and look for resources over the internet. There is so much data available today on the internet, make good use of it. While using data from diverse resources, evaluate and sort it well. Double-check your data from multiple websites before finalizing. If you are in doubt about the resource, cite it at the bottom of the presentation slide.


Discover your target audience


While creating a presentation, understand and narrow down the target you are trying to convey the message. A presentation for a board meeting will certainly differ from a presentation that has to be given for a college orientation day. Marketers and Creatives research and identify their target before coming up with a campaign. Similarly, knowing your audience is key before creating one.


No harm in creating notes


If you are a person that tends to have cold feet before the audience, a piece of advice that would work wonders is to make notes to remember all the key points you will deliver during the presentation, make notes of it. That way, you just need to take a glance at it while presenting. Practice with these notes a week before your presentation to keep on track and be in sync with the presentation.


Practice makes way for improvement


It might seem funny but practicing in front of a mirror or recording yourself while presenting is a great way to identify your body language, mood, facial expression, and speech delivery. You are your best critique so do not hesitate to follow this.


Dress to present


Presentation is not about decorating slides and speaking confidently, but also good attire completes the overall appearance of the presentation. Choose your clothes wisely and understand the setting of your audience. The right attire is sure to impress the audience.


Take personal care


A day before the presentation, take ample rest. Spare some time for practice and the rest of that day should be a rest period. You don’t want to look dull and lifeless on the main presentation day and embarrass everyone. Listen and watch videos of good speakers, and orators to keep you motivated for the final day.



Hope these tips will reduce the stress about preparing one and help you keep calm even during rush hour.

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