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Man, By Nature Now a Social Mediamal!

How curious are you to check the likes on your profile picture, that you uploaded on Facebook minutes ago or see the views on your new Instagram Reel?  Well, has it not become mandatory to login to social media and check the numerous updates at least 3 times a day? Social Media is addictive, informative, and has the power to influence people. A decade ago, people would watch the news on TV, listen to it on the radio or read it in a newspaper, now all that they do is login to Twitter or their favourite social media.


The benefits of social media are immense. Humans no more need to meet people to socialize. A single text on Facebook Messenger or a DM on Instagram is all that it requires to start a conversation. Share memes, jokes, and spiritual quotes or follow a page that helps you deal with mental health is so laidback now. Not just that, want to connect with your favourite celebrity and see what is happening in their life? Just follow their official account and you will see what they wore for their relative’s wedding or how did they spend their long weekend.


Social Media has changed the perspective of viewing and analyzing information. Individuals, Marketers, Digital Agencies, Influencers all are immensely benefited from it. It is just easy to understand and advertise anything on these platforms. Advertisers know almost everything about their target audience as these platforms contain the necessary demographics and psychographics, they need to run a campaign. It is also a very cost-effective way as advertisers have the liberty to tweak ads as per their target audience and show the paid ones just to those whom they want to target. Brand reputations can be built or ruined in minutes; Opinions too are generated in no time on these platforms.


Building a community, and talking to new people has become so much easier for humans with social media. Certain studies might say that since it is new and evolving, people are not bored yet. With new content emerging, and information overflow happening globally, it is certainly not seeing a downfall anytime sooner. We resort to social media when we are bored, want to read something new, just laugh or shop for a product. Apart from the commons, with social media, people also have found it easy to boldly write comments. They can directly write positive or negative reviews about a product on the official company page and have their query answered or resolved directly by the company's customer service without no third-party involvement.


With so many things easily and readily available, we must accept that we are addicted to them. A day without it can be beyond imagination unless you go on a social media detox. Man can now be called a Social Mediamal. We are in the year 2022, and with new content, we can very well give the old definition put by the legendary Greek Philosopher Aristotle “Man is by nature a social animal” a swirl!

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