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Mental Health- The Next Pandemic

Mental Health: The Next Pandemic 

“You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen.” — Kody Keplinger (An American Writer) 

Health is a condition of complete mental, physical, social well-being and it is not just the absence of any disease or body problem. Mental health refers to the health of a brain which includes emotional and psychological well-being. A person who has good and stable mental health can lead a relatively positive and healthy life in comparison to the people who are having unstable and unwell mental health. 

Positive mental health determines that how well a person can handle their stress about others. Mental health is having paramount importance from the birth of the child till his death.

According to the research of the Barcelona Institute of Mental Health, mental health can be the next pandemic due to the mental health-related problems which are caused by covid-19. The current pandemic has affected the mental health of almost all the people in the world in various ways which include an increase in the feeling of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and negative thoughts.

Generally, adults experience more mental health-related problems and have experienced many related consequences because of the loss of special income due to the current pandemic.

During the pandemic, a major portion of young adults (age 18-24) has reported the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Young adults have reported more substance abuse or the use of drugs in comparison to other adults. Suicidal thoughts are the major problem of this age group.

Pandemic has also raised consideration towards the poor mental health and well-being of children and their parents, especially mothers. Women with children are relatively experiencing more symptoms of anxiety and depression in comparison to men with children. In general, the female population has reported high rates of anxiety and depression in comparison to the male population.

What are the signs of Mental illness? 

Feeling Unhappy or Sad- Feeling unhappy without any remarkable reason also can be a major sign of mental illness.

Sleep Problems- The feeling of restlessness and heavy breathing due to stress results in sleeping problems. Poor sleep can spoil the whole day of a person. Sleep is an essential element of the working of the human body.

Weight or Appetite Changes- Generally there are negative weight and appetite changes in the person with poor mental health. The debate starts reducing in the long run in the person who is having a mental illness for a long period. The feeling of hunger gets reduced and it is very difficult to recognize that it is a sign of mental illness.

Substance Abuse- Substance abuse refers to the use of alcohol and other drugs to escape from the problems of life. During a time of tension, a person usually gets addicted to the regular drinking habit.

Feeling Guilty or Worthless- Many times it is seen that the person with poor mental health also loses self-affection. A person starts feeling guilty even for those problems in which he or she is not having any share. This feeling can also arise because of not being able to achieve any goal. Self-care and self-appreciation are necessary for a human being.

Emotional Outbursts- Emotional outbursts can be seen in the form of sudden aggression or sudden crying, and an increase in the frustration and irritation of the person. A person is not able to control his/her emotions during this phase. Generally, the emotional outbursts of the husbands have an impact on the wife, whereas it is very difficult for the women to release that negative energy.

When to visit a doctor? 

If a person is experiencing various symptoms of poor mental health at a particular point and the symptoms are causing serious health problems for the capacity to study, work, etc then he/she should be consulted by a physician for mental health doctor. People who are having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of causing harm to other people need immediate attention. It is advantageous to consult a doctor or any close person, or anyone who can uplift your mood at that time. Treatment by a doctor at the correct time can be advantageous in speedy recovery.

Depression gives you nothing, it only gives you Pain, So, keep yourself healthy, to Gain! 

How to Prevent Mental Health Problems? 

Socialize- Various studies have proved that people who have strong social bonds are less likely to commit suicide. A person should socialize in a positive social environment.

Eat healthy Food- Many times we use this phrase in our daily life that the brain is having relation with our stomach. Eating healthy food increases concentration power and gives the ability to manage tough situations.

Proper Sleep- Sleep is necessary to keep one person energetic throughout the day. Proper sleep keeps the person fit and enthusiastic for the upcoming day.  

Exercise- Exercise leads to diversion of mind and the relation of the body is easily possible in these activities. A morning walk helps in a healthy start of the day.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs- Alcohol addiction can reduce brainpower in long term. Regular consumption of drugs can spoil the physical as well as mental health of the addicted person. It is one of the reasons for domestic violence also.

Surround yourself with Good People- Positive people bring positivity to our life. A company or a group of a person should include good people. This factor makes or destroys the social development of the individual.

Set Realistic Goals- When a person is not able to achieve his/her goal, then it leads to dissatisfaction. Goals should be set up in such a manner that they are not beyond the capacity of that person. A feeling of achievement always gives motivation to the individual.

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