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Myths about Vinyl

Vinyl is a fun and unique way to listen to music, and it never goes out of style. Rather than listening to digital music on your phone, you can listen to a vinyl record with a rich and warm sound, unlike any other platform. Perhaps other music platforms are more convenient, but listening to a record is an immersive experience that anyone anywhere can enjoy. With this hobby, you can tangibly hold your favorite album, all while admiring the uniquely curated art on the record sleeve. Collecting and listening to vinyl is a wonderfully relaxing hobby, and some myths about vinyl must be debunked. This article will debunk vinyl myths and highlight the best parts of the hobby while also giving quick tips.

1. One of the biggest myths about vinyl is that you must have the best equipment in the market. This idea creates intense pressure on young, newly introduced vinyl enthusiasts. Rather than enjoying the hobby, people feel the compulsion to go out and buy insanely expensive equipment without understanding how to work it. It is okay to start with cheaper appliances, especially if that is within your budget, but it is also important to be wary of cheap and unreliable equipment as well. There are promising turntable models in the market for an affordable price
, such as Victrola or DIGITNOW. The same concept applies to the records themselves, cleaning kits, and even storage. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a reliable, more affordable alternative.


2. Another wildly misunderstood myth is that you must know everything about an artist or album before purchasing. Perhaps myths often prevent music listeners from discovering music they could love. Shopping for vinyl without listening to the whole album allows listeners to experience new music with a clear and rich sound. One of the best parts about listening to records is the chance to discover new, unfamiliar artists for a reasonable price.


3. The third myth within this hobby is that you can stack or lean tons of vinyl against each other. As a collector of vinyl records, it is essential to understand how to store your prized possessions properly. Without proper storage, your records will not last as long, causing you to spend more money than necessary. The typical way to store frequently used records is on a wooden shelf, vertically, and leaning against each other. According to, it is recommended not to have more than 15 records leaning against each other. The reason for this is that it can cause unwanted pressure against the records, which would eventually lead to warping and cracks. Records are like pieces of art, and as you would take precautions for a painting, records must be treated with the same care.


4. Another myth about vinyl is that it sounds better than any other music platform. For any person that listens to music, their music taste is subjective, and the same concept applies to music played on different kinds of platforms. To some people, their favorite album sounds better on a CD, but to others, it sounds better and more precise on a vinyl record. As previously mentioned, digital music is convenient for everyone, but some people find it has hidden drawbacks and loses its full potential. While vinyl does sound incredible played on a turntable and connected to speakers, it may not be perceived the same way by others. These platforms are entirely subjective, and they all demonstrate strengths and weaknesses.


5. The last myth about vinyl is that it will go out of style someday. The likelihood of this myth ever being true is small. Listening to records has existed since 1887, and its popularity has only grown since its humble beginning. Like vintage and antique clothes or collectibles, records are a vintage novelty that has been modernized for consumer convenience. Baby boomers and Gen X are familiar with turntables and vinyl and are likely to have one in their household. These generations pass town precious hobbies and heirlooms; therefore, vinyl and turntables are constantly reintroduced to younger, curious generations.


Whether you have been collecting and listening to vinyl for years or you are just starting, this tranquil and leisurely hobby is something that anyone can enjoy. With the above myths debunked, there is less pressure and more fun! Listening to records on a turntable is not something everyone will like, and that is okay. Music platforms are subjective, with some believing one platform is better than others. Regardless of superiority, the vinyl community is a beautiful place to share common adorations and quirks. As you continue or start your vinyl journey, remember that there is no wrong way to do the hobby. It is all about the fun and enjoyment it brings you.

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