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Never Stop Dreaming Loudly

Thinking of new ideas is like trimming your lawns; if you don't do it often, you're a bum. Stop and dream for a while. Allow your intuition to glide and breathe. Have a steady flow of new, sensational, and fresh ideas in your life.


Nothing in life happens unless there's a dream first. The more you dream, the more you discover yourself. Our world is disputed and living in an unstable world like ours requires us to be creative. This would enable us to share in the joys and satisfaction of our creations. 


Creativity is carved into every one of us; it's part of our design ad humans. We live and yearn for novel innovations. What trended in the '80s is not applicable in today's world.


Every time we fail to use our creative minds, we give less of ourselves and fail. It is never easy to get people to believe in your dreams, that doesn't mean you need to stop dreaming or believing in yourself.


When you dream, you find yourself. You also discover your goals and live a life that you won't regret anytime. Failing to dream is tantamount to living a life of regret at your old age.


What can you do when life comes in between your dreams?


Following your dreams is hard, but it's not impossible. I understand what it feels like to abandon your dreams in the face of adversities. When life comes in between and, you are forced, to tuck your dreams away in the attic only to remember them someday. Remember that it's not enough reason for you to stop dreaming.


No matter what life throws at you, never stop dreaming, or chasing your dreams. It's free and it's yours. That’s your life. It's the only life you've got, and you're accountable for it. When your dream limitations are removed; you explore the true desires of your heart. 

So, when life comes in between your dreams, you overcome it when you believe anything is possible.


We are all born with a gift and purpose in life. Whatever your dreams are, you can achieve them. All you need to make your dream come true is in you. All you need to do is find out what you truly need. No one is best at being you than you. 


As you keep evolving and grow, your dreams also grow and evolve. If you don’t have a dream you can’t afford to have a dream that will come true. I dream, and I still do.


Writing and coaching people is my dream. It makes me happy. It motivates me, amidst the thousands of other things that I run with. It gives me a chance to be more than just a mom and to be more than what I am. My dreams give me hope even when all the chips are down.


 What if I have doubts?


It's okay to have doubts, but it's not acceptable for you to live in doubts.

Doubt steals your dreams. As you chase your dreams, the probability of failing Is eminent. But you can't afford to live in doubt. 


Don't anticipate steady roads to success, for life will disappoint you at some point. But all the hurdles you will encounter will help mould you into what you're meant to be. Never give up on your dreams.


We all have dreams, don’t we? If you've got a dream to be a musician, start writing your songs. If you've got a dream to be an author, start writing your book. If you've got a dream to build an empire, start moulding your blocks today.


To my friend, and champion Amit Pratap Singh. You inspired this. You are a perfect definition of a fighter and a dream come true. Never stop pushing your limits. You're an inspiration.


To my team of intellects; Anshika Shivhare, Feliciana Nezingu, Ishika Parithi, Radhika Saini, never stop dreaming. Together we are stronger. 


A single idea thought is worth a million dollars. We act, or fail to act, not because of will, as is commonly believed, but because of vision. 


Dexter Yager says, "Don't let anybody steal your dream." You'll get more out of every part of your life if you stay incurably curious.


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