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"Over Protection" an Apprehensive Approach

There is a fine line between showing your children the "right path" and controlling them according to your desires.

In the recent past, children were entirely dependent on their parents for making the smallest decisions in their lives. Parents are completely engrossed in taking control of their lives from the moment their child is born.

This act is known as "over protection." Overprotection ruins the lives of children, leading to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a situation wherein children doubt the responsibilities they can hold and the decisions they can abide by.

Low self-esteem leads to disturbances in both the personal and social lives of a child. The child starts questioning himself/herself by asking "Am I capable of doing this?" or "Will I be able to handle this responsibility"? These are the signs that the parents have crossed the barrier of being overly protective.

Parents are always considered a pillar of strength for their children. It is often said that parents are a child’s first and last friend. The bond between parents is unbreakable, and no one can take a child's heart away from the love of a parent.

Though we have seen an increase in cases of stress among youth and children in recent years, their social lives have been disrupted, and they have suffered as a result.are not able to focus on their studies. On asking them the reason behind these consequences, few of them answered that they are not able to pursue their dreams. Often, parents in Asian countries pressurise their children to follow the dreams of their own desires.

Keeping aside their aspirations, parents are keen to see their children excel in the career of their choice.

Parents of today’s generation need to realise that every child has a few weaknesses and a few strengths. A child will only become successful if his or her strengths are given more importance.

It is the sole duty of parents to hunt for the strengths and weaknesses of their child, try to analyse what he/she is good at, and finally push him/her in that direction.

If the parents are interfering in the smallest details of a child’s decisions, this will create a dependency on their children.

From the beginning, we have taught our children to fall, get up, and start walking again so that they can grow stronger. Similarly, we should leave our children to face failures in their lives, learn from them and make an informed decision in the future.

Parents should help their children distinguish between right and wrong, but they should not interfere in every situation in their child’s life.

In India, children face a lot of distress during their 10th grade when they are supposed to select the stream of their choice. Parents often initially suggest their child opt for PCM or PCB, whereas, on the other hand, the child has zero interest and aptitude in that subject. But when parents impose this decision on their child, it leads to low grades in 10th grade and a loss of self-confidence.

There exists a stereotypical mindset that parents hold, claiming that if the child does not abide by their parents’ decision, he/she won’t be able to achieve success in life.

Parents should focus on a child’s reasoning, analyzing, and problem-solving abilities. Strengthening these qualities will make a child independent and grow stronger in his/her life.

If we force our children to follow a specific path, they will be confined to following that particular direction without facing risks in life. Whereas if we allow our children to choose a path according to their approach during a problematic situation, the child will use his/her reasoning and analysing capability to find a suitable and valid solution for himself/herself. These are the few steps that we should keep in mind during the upbringing of our children.

Overprotection is a sign of good parenting, but it can also become a matter of concern when not looked after.



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