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Philly Fan Attacks Florida Firefighter

Whether or not the crowd-favorite football team wins or loses a game, Philadelphia Eagles fans are known for their violent antics and Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was no exception. 

One Eagles fan took it a step further when an Edward Dalasandro broke into a fire station and wreaked havoc in Martin County, Florida. 


When Dalasandro broke into the station he trashed the entire place, and even allegedly stole multiple items, including a uniform hat. He also urinated on a carpet and eventually turned violent toward the firefighters. 

As the firefighters approached the violent man, a meat cleaver was hurled at them near the bunkrooms, but no one was hurt. They were then able to tackle and subdue Dalasandro until the police arrived.


Dalasandro received a black eye from the incident, was taken into custody and has currently been charged with armed burglary and aggravated assault. His bail is also set at one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. 

Dalasandro’s behavior isn’t unique either, Philly fans took to the streets in droves and rioted for their favorite team’s loss. They were reported to be scaling lampposts and screaming profanities about Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. 


Famous incidents of Philly fan violence include: throwing up on children, harassing umpires, burning DeSean Jackson’s jersey and beating up Chief’s icon “Zee.” President Trump’s son Don Jr. even chimed in on Twitter, saying Eagle’s fans were the “Antifa” of sports due to their habit of rioting. Don Jr. was referring to the multiple instances of reported violence by Antifa during left-wing protests or anti-police movements. 


Violence was expected no matter what the result was of Sunday night’s game. One user wrote on Twitter defending the fan base's violent antics, “the thing is, win or lose… philly still gonna be philly bc IT'S A PHILLY THING.” 


Philadelphia police also took precautions well before the game to ensure too much damage couldn’t be done, it’s not the department's first time preparing for this either. During the Eagle’s 2018 season, Philadelphia police decided to sabotage the light poles so fans couldn’t climb them as usual, even though it ultimately failed.

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