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Post-Pandemic Fitness Trends

Following the coronavirus (COVID-19), many people looked to social media for information, entertainment, and guidance. The increased usage of social media during the pandemic had its benefits and drawbacks, just like everything else. These range from the propagation of false information to the crucial role social media has played in disseminating factual information and providing education on mental health. This article focuses on the post-pandemic fitness trends and the role social media played in them. 


Has the pandemic increased the demand for home workouts put up on the various OTT platforms? I’d certainly agree to it! Let’s look at a few factors currently ensuring that the post-pandemic fitness trends are here to stay. 


1.     Easy Access: Remember when getting a good workout only meant getting out of your home and hitting the gym or going for a run or other activities that had something to do with the outdoors? Then, you also must remember that those activities didn’t facilitate multi-tasking and required you to take time out of your usual busy schedule. Several fitness operators embraced the entirely remote method of offering exercises over OTT platforms throughout the pandemic; post-pandemic, fitness operators continue to provide hybrid experiences. Virtual classes have the advantage of being more flexible and convenient. Additionally, when it comes to virtual classes, the choices are limitless, and you get to choose from a range of workouts depending on your mood and your body’s needs rather than sticking to a monotonous routine. 

2.     Shorter Workouts: The most recent fitness fads are now being adopted by an increasing number of people and they believe that a short workout is better than absolutely no workout. Irrespective of their Work from Home schedules, childcare responsibilities, or other hectic schedules, people have been finding time to exercise whenever they can, even if it's only for a few minutes here and there. This is where the workout videos on the OTT platforms come into play. There are videos ranging from as short as 8 minutes to as long as 55 minutes, which gives the users a choice to pick one based on their convenience.

3.     Source of Motivation: It might be challenging to get yourself to go to the gym after a long, demanding day at work. Finding reasons not to exercise is just as simple if you get back into a lethargic routine. Social media has allowed users to share their training photos, videos, and sweaty selfies with one another, ultimately motivating one another. 

According to Andrew Selepak, PhD, director of MAMC Social Media at the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida, when we notice that our friends and family are exercising 'no matter what’ and are excited about their results, it has a stronger impact than any commercial on TV or through the mail.

4.     Instagram Fitness Influencers/Models: When we scroll through Instagram, we come across a lot of influencers, more specifically we come across a lot of fitness influencers. These days, we see a lot of influencers being authentic on the platform and showing their reality. We get to see influencers discuss their period bloating, unfinished diet plans, carbs they simply can't live without, their body shape when it's relaxed, and a few other things that help the users relate to them on a more personal level and motivate them because those posts lead the users to believe that the influencers are just like them and instils an “If they can do it, I can too” mentality in them. 

5.     Live Videos: Brands are increasingly experimenting with live streams to engage in casual conversations with their audience. Surprisingly, demand for video material has also fallen behind the popularity of live videos. Because over 82% of viewers prefer live videos on social media, live videos are currently aired on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr. Additionally, there has been a rise in the number of brands inviting famous people to participate in live chats, giving consumers more chances to connect with their idols or favourite celebrities. When Instagram models, influencers, and celebrities work out on live videos, the users join along and work out as it makes them feel like they have a workout buddy, and they also see how the influencers and celebrities they’ve always looked up to work out and get tired or find it hard just like any other individual. 


In conclusion, it is safe to say that hybrid workouts are here to stay. A significant advancement in fitness technology is also underway, combining at-home coaching with motion-tracking sensors and real-time feedback to ensure proper form and reduce the likelihood of self-inflicted injury. While the first wave of this technology required you to have large, pricey pieces of equipment in your home, the next phase is using laptop and phone cameras to make it more accessible.

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