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Recognition is one of the greatest human desires that many usually quench for  but who does not love to be given a positive remark, who does not love to be praised? We all do. Recognition and praises are one of the most powerful weapons that can be used to not only influence people but also change their views and mindset towards certain things. Dale Carnegie in one of the greatest books How To Win Friends And Influence People says that; the only way to get you to do anything is by giving you what you want and what everyone really craves for is attention and a life of feeling the worth of being an important figure in our surrounding world, craving to be appreciated, the desire to be important as Dr.John Dewey puts it. Only little praise can raise a hopeless soul and this is what we should learn to do and know how to do it well.


Praises usually tend to place our souls in a cosy state described by a lot of comfort and pleasantry. From this state it is true that the productivity levels and the efficiency probabilities of a soul is raised to greater levels and not only will the person work but he will work giving his all to it. Praises usually stirs up a soul into wanting to prove more of his efficiency therefore the prospects laid down by one is usually very positive and achievable from his own side, self motivation becomes very key as praises on the other hand remains one of the insatiable substances that man will always be in need of.


It's practical to say that when we put our complete effort in what we do then we become satisfied by the outcome of this events since theres nothing more we can add since we had given our all and our best. It's also very realistic to say that giving our best can not fully satisfy our souls. There is a vacuum of satisfaction that can only be filled by the fellow man and theres nothing in this world that can replace this feeling. Basically theres some level of satisfaction that is gifted to be filled by man therefore despite our efforts, the complete satisfaction still needs a human in the picture and that is how important we are to each other.  The human appreciation, recognition and the little praise to what we have done remains the last puzzle that completes our puzzle life book of satisfaction. You only get complete satisfaction when your environment replicates the same to you and that is one of the most basic life rules we tend to ignore. 


Practically satisfaction creates and builds our confidence which boosts our prospects and efficiency probabilities of winning to a new greater level.  Controlled confidence becomes one of the most fertile grounds upon which sweet fruits can be harvested. Without any doubt, rooted confidence builds up our prospects of achieving. For this to be fully achieved then the introduction of the human praise remains imperative.


A coin has its two sides so as the praises. In this case it is quite easier to maintain the praises on a good side by just knowing the appropriate time, place, situation and the person to direct it to.  Basically directing praises on the negative helps building the negative side of a person and the inverse is very true putting in mind that it only takes little praise to completely change a person. Praising a burglar for his success only drives him into doing it more and maybe making his moves more stylish and thats how we can opt to misuse the great power that lies in our praises. Generally, praises remains a neutral factor but how we choose to use it determines the outcome as either negative or positive, how will you use this great power that lies within your reach? 


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