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Pre-flight Boarding Anxiety? We Have Solutions!

No sooner you get that visa stamped in your passport, there is an adrenaline rush of shopping, packing. Reminiscing the moment of landing abroad, the dream of studying in one of the top universities, meeting new people, living a new life seems like a fairy-tale. Then there is a sudden hit of reality. The fear of being by yourself. Especially for people who have never left their home country before or stayed away from parents the fear starts gripping. Handling everything alone can be tough. One might question their ability to handle things and have that constant fear. Overthinking takes over your mind and you start thinking about extreme situations. This eventually leads to stress, and you tend to get anxious.


It’s fair to think that way however, during such situations, you got to convince yourself by saying Its okay to feel anxious, nervous. Apart from that facing an unfamiliar culture could take some time to deal with. Feeling of anxiousness, depression and loneliness were noticed among adult Canadians and were at the highest levels among women and frontline workers ever since the Covid1-19 pandemic hit. In a report by Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) it was mentioned that those positively dealing with these problems have gone back to their original self which was the result of the pandemic.


We all understand each person has different way of dealing with stress and anxiety/ For those who are looking for some tips, read along!


1.     Share and narrate your story: Talk to a friend or someone close who would understand you. If you are doubtful about opening to someone you are familiar with, join a support group.

2.     Art therapy: if you love drawing, draw things that you see. Even if you are indoors, draw things that you see around and use colours to colour it

3.      Blogging: Overcome your anxiety by writing. Take a journal and write all that which crosses your mind. It could be negative as well as positive things.

4.     Music for healing: In a new study it was found that music-listening relieves plain and those who had control over it experience a faster relief in compared to those who did not have one.

5.     Activity: Keep your mind and body active. Short walk or practicing basic yoga asanas is highly beneficial. For the mind you can start meditating alongside a calm instrumental track.

6.     Dive into reading: If you are a person who can find your calm by reading, you must choose your favorite author and get into the habit of reading. If you believe in self-help books, that could be a good choice too.

7.     Sleep: A good night’s sleep can have amazing effects on your mind and body

8.      Keep track of food: Maintain a healthy balanced diet. Avoid skipping meals and add on energy rich snacks in your diet.


These are ways to help your anxiety take a back seat. Stressful situations do occur frequently without giving a prior notice. But always believe in yourself and trust that you can overcome that with some practical life changes.


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