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Scam Alert: Students Allege Online Coaching Scams Amidst The Pandemic

“The outbreak of covid-19 has rapidly increased our dependency on online classes. Seeing this opportunity, major coaching academies and ed-tech companies like Unacademy, Vedantu, BYJU’S in jee-IIT, UPSC CSE coaching spectrum have doubled their marketing campaigns to lure students and aspirants however constant complaints of multiple issues by various learners is adding a question on the credibility of these platforms.”

The majority of the big names in the Ed-tech industry providing coaching and mentorship in UPSC CSE, JEE, and school level tuition are facing new competition from the coaching institutes like Aakash, resonance,vajiram, Bansal classes, etc located in coaching hubs like Delhi and Kota, who have moved online in light of the prevailing circumstances to help students and aspirants to continue their learning and to keep a steady flow of revenue after facing major losses last year. this pandemic saw a rapid surge in the online learning subscriptions of these institutes, and the dependency on online classes increased rapidly.

While online classes are helping students to continue their students amidst the pandemic, some instances of malpractices and ignorance by educators on such platforms have led students and aspirants distressed. Especially when they are asked to pay the fees in advance at the beginning, of the course, and later when their expectations are not met, they find out that they have fallen prey to massive marketing campaigns by these coaching institutions and ed-tech platforms. 

 Some of the distressed students who have submitted fees close to 60,000 to even 1 lakh rupees feel they have been scammed, by such educators and coaching platforms, and have come out to speak against these malpractices.                                                                  

 Laraib Khan, who purchased an Unacademy Plus subscription for 38000 rupees for his IAS preparation, says, “the content available Unacademy is no different from the ones available on youtube, why did I pay for something already that is available for free, also many of the educators who are heavily advertised, by Unacademy aren’t available on the Unacdemy platform to teach, and the ones who teach on the platform don’t stick to the UPSC CSE syllabus they only teach the subjects they are good and rest of the topics they just cover with half-heartedness” he further says that he had to ask money from friends to arrange fees for the subscription and now he has nowhere to go.

There are several other students and aspirants like laraib who feel ripped off by these private coaching institutions and E-learning platforms, even children studying in school complain of issues with e-learning platforms like BYJU’S. Azaz Khan bought his son Zaid khan, who is in class 8th, a BYJU subscription costing rupees 65000, and now complains of lack of attention and follow up by the educators. “At the time of admission, they come in formals and talk in a sweet language to convince you to buy their subscription. Once you fall into their honey trap and give them money, they will immediately turn their back at you after the first meeting, their customer care pretends to be busy and ignores you, I even visited their head office in Delhi and asked for a refund of my money but all in vain, I will now be moving to consumer court to sue them.

The revenue of these e-learning platforms has multiplied over the years and has also increased in size and operations. However, increasing engagement is also leading to an increase in the number of complaints.

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