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Seasonal Visits to Sweden

Are you thinking of taking a summer or winter trip with your significant other or some friends? There are so many unique countries to visit with rich cultures and traditions. The possibilities are endless, but you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Perhaps you want to vacation and stay somewhere that is beautiful and relaxing as well as entertaining. In this article, I will list and explain the best places to visit in Sweden, a friendly and peaceful country!


To preface our essential, compact list of places to visit in Sweden, it is worthwhile to note that when you visit, summer is typically the best time to go. This is because, during the winter, which takes place between November and March, it is often dark and quite cold. These winters are dry and snowy, reaching shallow temperatures of 20 or 30℉ for several months.


Additionally, the amount of sunlight that Sweden receives in the winter is drastically different from that of America. In this country, the sun rises around 8:45-9 am and sets around 3 pm. That is quite a small block of daylight, but thankfully, this is not the case during Sweden’s summers as the sun rises around 3:40 am and sets at 10 pm. For that reason, summer is the ideal time to visit the country, and there are several hours of daylight for fun outdoor activities. However, while summer for most people is the best time to visit, winter in Sweden also allows for unique and snowy outdoor activities. This article will cover a mixture of both seasons and the exciting adventures within both.


Now that we’ve established when to visit the beautiful country of Sweden, let’s dive into the places and attractions. These recommendations are typically subjective to the traveler, so this article will highlight more popular destinations and perhaps some facts many do not know.


1. Stockholm, Sweden, the country's capital, is one of the most popular places for travelers. Effortlessly blending historical and modern architecture, the colorful and bright buildings of the city easily attract attention, and they are filled with a myriad of places to eat delicious vegan food and partake in Fika. Furthermore, many colorful buildings and cobblestone pathways you might often see within Stockholm are in Gamla Stan, now more frequently referred to as Old Town. This city center is where the prosperous life of Swedish citizens and tourists often reside for a fun and charming day/night out. From bars, restaurants, museums, and countless cafes, Old Town is a popular place to visit.


After walking around Stockholm and observing the history and traditions, it is common for people to enjoy fika throughout the day. Fika is a Swedish tradition that centers around gathering with friends and family for coffee, tea, and sweet treats. The Nordic Visitor mentions that this activity can be enjoyed at any point during the day, and it is a way for people to take a break as well as socialize.


 Fika is one of the many lovely activities within Stockholm. The capital contains priceless history embodied through stunning castles, museums, and rocky landscapes accessible to the public. It is common to walk around Stockholm or take the metro, and with the city’s by-foot landscape, there are more opportunities to view the beautiful scenery.


Aside from the city and the bustling noise of crowds, there is a magical, snowy landscape in northern Sweden. With sustainability in mind, the city of Kiruna features all kinds of winter sports and attractions. If you like to gather around the fire after a long day of skiing and watching the Northern lights, this is a place you must visit.


2. Kiruna is a fantastic place to visit in Sweden because of its snowy and sparkly scenery. People frequently enjoy the city for its fun skiing and dog sledding, but for those that prefer a less sporty trip, there is still much to see. Like Stockholm is best traveled during the summer months, Kiruna is likely to be best traveled during the winter months. This city is located in the province of Lapland, which entirely revolves around nature’s wonders and treasures. One of those treasures within Kiruna is the Northern lights, and as mentions, it is one of the perfect and most popular places to see this incredible phenomenon.


As you watch the brilliant colors of the northern lights and visit the city, Kiruna is also recognized for its ice hotel. That’s right; you can sleep in a hotel made of ice! Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel is comprised of about 20 rooms made entirely of ice, and to stay at this hotel, you must book reservations a year in advance. While that may seem a little early, it is crucial as these builders and artists must consider everything in the hotel’s construction. Each winter, the hotel is built and sculpted with ice, and each spring, it melts, awaiting another winter to be reincarnated. If you are looking for a limited-time activity, such as viewing the Northern lights and staying in a temporary hotel, Kiruna is the place for you!


 Closely located to Kiruna and its fun, snow-filled atmosphere, there is a mountain range that is perfect for any travelers wanting to visit in the winter or summertime. Although this next destination is ideal any time of the year, it is truly for the adventurous because of its dangerous and rocky terrain.


3. The Kebnekaise Mountain range is somewhat west of Kiruna, and they both settle in Norrbotten County. This mountain range can either be climbed or hiked, depending on your experience and physical endurance. While you can endeavor to the mountain range on your own agenda, it is recommended that you stick with a tour guide to see where to go and where to stay clear. Several sources discussing the Kebnekaise Mountain range emphasize the red-colored stones along the climbing paths; the stones warn climbers about the weather conditions within that spot and to bypass it if possible.


The mountain range can be explored at any time of the year, with each season presenting unique challenges. Some of the climbing and hiking at this location may be for more experienced adventurers. Still, for others, it seems enjoyable to relax and admire the mountain’s beauty and the landscape surrounding it.


 The three places listed in this article are some of the most popular places to visit in the country, but there are countless other cities and landmarks within Sweden that make it a colorful, unique, and picturesque place. Like the few traditions mentioned, the government is abundant in traditions and culture, and it rarely strays from the foundation of these traditions even as things continuously become more modern. Whether you are visiting in the winter or summer, Sweden has something for everyone to enjoy, and its peaceful and serene terrain never ceases to entice people from all over the world.

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