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Should Communism prevail?

The term 'communism' pertains to a political, social, and economical ideology whose foremost goal is to ascertain a communist society. Communism in a single line says “From each according to his ability to each according to his need” which means, a society in which everyone is working according to his need and ability. For example, if a guy is robust and physically fit, he will work with his ability, on the other hand, another guy being physically weak would work according to his ability and will together contribute and make a society where everyone will be able to fulfill their basic needs.

The hypothesis of communism was introduced by German philosopher Karl Marx, who is known as the father of communism. Karl Marx was born in an era when industrialization began along with many big factories where several big automobiles were inaugurated. The situation of the workers working in these industries was not decent. The owners of these industries, primarily rich people, exploit their workers and do not provide them with adequate wages. According to Karl Marx, there are two classes one is poor, who works hard but gets less amount and the second one is a rich factory owner, who takes all the profits he is growing in a society, where the rich are invariably exploiting the poor. These things hit him very hard, so, in 1848 he wrote a book called "The Communism Manifesto" in which he thinks about a classless society where rich and poor everyone is equal and visualizes a society named UTOPIA. UTOPIA is an ideal society that does not even exist in this civilization. No discrimination exists there based on caste, gender, wealth, and color. In this society, the concept of privatization exists, even no inherited wealth exists and the wealth is distributed equally in everyone but UTOPIA never existed in reality. It only prevailed in the theory of Karl Marx and his mind but in the end, he is just a philosopher and didn't know the practical implementation of communism.

The first things that come up in our mind, if we talk about communism are the Soviet Union and China. The strategy of communism was first seen in the Russian revolution in 1917. In this revolution, they overthrew the rule of Czar Nicholas who is the king of Russia at that time and the communist leader Vladimir Lenin implemented communist ideas at a substantial level. Lenin assumed revolutionary steps like recognizing the right of labor and setting a time limit of 8 hours and 5 days a week which we saw in today's world. He enrolled girls in education. They took land from rich landowners and distributed it to the farmers for farming and they also Nationalized factories that means the government took control of the factories but it is different from the theories of Marx because in the case of Lenin, all supervision was by the government but in case of Marx, everything belongs to everyone so you can say that this communism is introduced by the Vladimir Lenin and it is different from Marx ideas. Some people stood against Lenin and his communist theories. He banned all other political parties in the Soviet Union as he could not take on criticism well. After this action was taken by Lenin dictatorship began.

No one can criticize the government so if anyone dares to criticize the government and its policy, the government has a huge authority to put that person behind the bars, and sometimes, they executed that person as well. Lenin's communist structure is called Soviet Communism. After Lenin died in 1924, Joseph Stalin came into power, implementing his ideas of communism which were worse than the ideas of Lenin. Stalin focused on how he can increase the output of a factory for their development so the workers started working under the same constraint that Marx initially mentioned. The only difference is that this time they are working for the Soviet Union government. But the then government kept their work in a bad condition again and the economical condition of the nation was also not good at that time. Many people died due to famine and hunger so everyone termed Stalin's ideology as state capitalism. At that time in China, Mao Zedong came to power whose communist ideology was more extreme and violent than any other communist leader, and his tenets were called Maoism, and the word Maoist came from here. After this two countries successfully implemented communism and many more countries started implementing communism. Every country introduced their ideas in communism and how their countries through communism but one thing is very common that they become a dictator. The world is discerning different communism from Karl Marx communism principle, Marx craved a society where everyone is equal, no one is superior to others, everyone is getting their basic needs like good education, better health care services, equal distribution of wealth, no inherited wealth and many more facilities but these things are found in the theories of Marx and not in real-world. If we see in real-world all countries that implemented communism became dictators like China, Russia, and some more countries.

So, what went wrong with those countries that became dictators after following communist ideology? After all, communism focused on giving equal rights to everyone so what makes communism a dictatorship? If I have to give my point of view on this, I think one of the main objectives of communism is to deliver equal rights to everyone and if everyone is equal in the society then, definitely there is a place for dictators and people who are intelligent start manipulating other people and hence become leaders and start using their power as they want to. Just the same thing we have seen in the Soviet Union case where Vladimir Lenin took Control and make their aspect of communism that is way different from Marx's theories.






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