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Status of Children and Schooling after COVID-19

"Padhoge Tabhi Toh Badhoge" is a catchphrase that has stuck in our heads (Will get successful after studying). The phrase is significant because it emphasizes the relevance of studying. Children must gain education not only to develop but also to flourish. The study not only assists you in becoming a successful person but also provides you with a platform on which you may effectively use your brain. It helps you to exploit yourself. Education develops the overall personality of a person. 

But the situation is different in the current scenario. The effects of a pandemic have a significant impact on our lives. It makes us aware of the specific blunders we should avoid in our lives. Pandemic also explains how Indian research is progressing. What is the state of education in India? Is it transforming our country into an India of education? What influence has Covid-19 had on our research? Children are not studying effectively as a result of the pandemic.

What is the status of schooling and children after COVID-19? 

The education and health of the children are the most significant factors of our society. But, in both aspects, our policymakers are making minimal efforts. There is less financial investment as well as low institutional strength after Covid-19. The pandemic has changed everything and exacerbated the situation. The work that has been done in these areas has made less progress. It was a difficult position. The structure of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was not ideal when it was launched. From the start, education requires a revolution. There was a demand for actions that could be sustained for a long period. However, the situation is only becoming worse because of the epidemic and a myriad of other concerns.

Online education has been promoted as a result of the pandemic. Everyone believes that youngsters will learn more effectively with digitized study. While online education may improve their abilities, the results are mixed. To begin with, many students in India did not have access to the internet or online technology. However, pupils that have access to it have utilized it uniquely. Technology provides people with only forms of enjoyment.

According to numerous studies, academic losses are caused by emotional issues. The Vipla Foundation conducted a poll which reveals the types of stress that youngsters face at home. They have a routine that begins with them spending most of their time in front of the television and on their phones. These things are limited to mere entertainment and amusement. During the shutdown, there was no advancement or growth.


"A systematic approach is always aided by a constructive notion". Professor R. Ramanujam has formed a committee, which he will chair. They've been given three years to come up with a recovery strategy. However, the constructive notion will emerge when we figure out the way to remove youngsters from their devices. This becomes a pre-requisite condition that affects children's physical and mental development. De-addiction to digital instruments is thus a critical answer.

Further, there is a need for learning child psychology. Teachers must be effective in piquing the children's interest in their academics. The education must be beneficial. The government has functioned successfully to make government schools effective. Private schools should have access to a shared platform so that they can take a constructive approach to teach methods. Teachers need to be advised regularly. Divide government schools of various types, give them the proper funding from different sources. 

Due to a pandemic, private schools have shut down. The profit has also shut down as they haven't gotten any fees. Moreover, many students have enrolled in government schools from private schools due to the losses in the pandemic. So, there is a need to counter the problems. 

Education needs massive attention. So, improve the terms of employment of teachers in both public and private sectors. Build the career pathways, recruit more teachers and build constructive study patterns. 

Reports must be written, and tasks must be completed. Government should be required to work on the ground, not just on paper. Then and only then can we declare that India's educational system is developing.



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