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Tamil Hero: Tamil Nadu Cop Saves A Pregnant Woman’s Life

Amid the ongoing façade that our country is facing, getting proper medical facilities is as difficult for a non – covid patient as it is for a covid patient. Along with this, availing of transportation services in case of an emergency is also a tough task. A couple from Telangana who faced a similar situation started to walk towards the city to get the wife to the hospital as she was about to deliver a baby.

On learning that the lady required O negative blood, 23-year-old officer Abu Tahir who was, on duty outside the hospital immediately volunteered to donate blood. The woman and her baby’s life were saved.

25-year-old Sulocha started having sudden labor pains. Due to the inability to find transportation, she, along with her husband Ezhumalai and a relative started walking from their village in Tamil Nadu towards the nearest government hospital. On spotting them, S Syed Abuthahir inquired about their situation and arranged a taxi for them.

When he realized that Sulochna required O negative blood to get through a successful C-Section, he decided to donate blood.

He accompanied the couple inside the hospital and donated blood. He was with them through the entire surgery, waiting for it to end successfully, and left the hospital only after seeing the healthy baby girl that was delivered. 

Ezhumalai expressed how thankful he was to the officer, whom, if he had not helped them, he and his wife would have to face many problems. He also stated that this incident had revoked his faith in police personnel.

Abu Tahir was rewarded with Rs. 1,000 from the SP and Rs. 10,000 from the DGP of the state for his good deed.

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