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The anxiety of quarantine: Have you been through this?

    Today, we are facing that situation that breakdown almost every Human Being in many ways, yes I am talking about the Nobel Corona Virus Pandemic. In today’s situation, we are facing many medical physical problems like organ failure, breathing problems, etc. as we all know about these kinds of physical problems because we are seeing these all over surrounding us through Media, the internet, newspapers, and even from our family and friends. But between all these physical Problems, we have neglected mental Problems such as anxiety, depression, etc. I have also been gone through this during my self-quarantine period that’s why I am writing this article to share my experience with all of you who are facing the same problems.

    First of all, this is not a big deal as soon as we know how to tackle this, being isolated and cut off from everyone is a challenge to our mental health, When I was quarantined and being trapped in my room which felt like a home-made cage to me, I suddenly got a feeling that how those innocent animals feel when we take them from their homes without their concern and put them in some men-made cages if I can talk on behalf of them, by my experience of being isolated, those innocent animals are facing mental problems like anxiety and depression, but there is a big difference between us and they and that is, we know when our quarantine period is going to cover but they don’t. The specialty of quarantine is that it will not affect your physical health can easily be cured by some medication but deep down it hits on your mental health and perfectly ruined your daily routine by which you have gone lost your lifestyle. If you ever been in quarantine then you surely experienced that stage where your family had to behave like a Discriminator, they had to maintain distance from you, they serve your food outside your room So you can have food without being in contact with anyone and you have your separate vessels, Isn’t it feels like hypothetically you belong to lower caste or scheduled caste and they belong to upper caste, Please don’t judge me by my words I am just giving you an example from our ground reality.

   Whenever you have no control over the situation or you have no idea what is going on in your life then suddenly you have a feeling of fear and apprehension that is called anxiety. During the quarantine period I have experienced many anxiety attacks, the first anxiety attack that I had when I got to know that I have to isolate myself for at least 14 days in that cage-like room, I can’t meet anyone, can’t sit with my family not even step out from that room, I was so mentally disturbed at that time. During my first day of isolation, I was just staring at the wall for no reason and my mental health was getting worse day by day, and suddenly at a time I noticed that I am unable to smell anything that was the time of my second anxiety attack, I got hyper and wanted to be with someone very badly but I can’t, now this is some serious concern that you want someone to be with you, to pamper you but you are helpless and this is the worst thing about this Pandemic.  

   When I have passed some days than I wanted a fresh start I was so fed up with being bored and anxious that I realize that if I can make a schedule and follow that then it must help me, so I made a schedule by which I can make myself busy and distracted or in other words give myself some quality time, We always are so busy in the daily life that we forget to spend quality time with ourselves. I know there are many disadvantages of being quarantine but we can find some advantages too, like to find our inner creative person, can do some meditation and believe me by doing the meditation you’ll get inner peace and mind will keep calm, we can check on our friends and relatives that they are good or not because in our busy life we forget to check on them who truly care about us and there will be more perks you can find it by your experience. In my experience, I am more connected to them than I ever was. And I learned those new skills which I always wanted to learn but never got the time because of my daily busy life.

    Now the quarantine is come to the end and I will be a free bird soon like before but the anxiety of being alone and nobody by your side taught me some life lessons that whatever we achieve in our life doesn’t matter if there is no one to celebrate with me those achievements and my anxiety told me that humans are made to being loved but we convert ourselves in such machines that work 24/7 without knowing what we want, we are being so busy in our life that we almost forget our families and friends, nothing is real in this world except for family and friends. The anxiety of quarantine didn’t end with the quarantine but it will end and guess by what method, being surrounded by people who you love and who truly care about you. I wanted to share this because I know many people are facing and have faced the anxiety of quarantine and they think, they are overreacting in the situation but this is a matter of concern and everyone should be aware of this because mental problems are not easy to deal with if you don’t know about them because many people don’t give importance to these type of problems that doesn’t mean they are not injurious. Our generation is most affected by anxiety and depression but they are not comfortable talking about this openly, so my advice to those people is that mental diseases are just like other diseases, you just have to be open about them and don’t suffer in the dark, let your family and close ones know about this so they can help you to get rid of this situation.

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1 year ago by alianegi922

I can totally agree i have been through the same

1 year ago by mohinipandey103

Trés bien Monsieur

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