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The idea of pornography and beyond!

Whenever we hear and read the word "porn", the first idea that comes to our mind is a shame and this is how everyone or most of the people react to this word. In every part of the world, the word porn has its definitions that we common people give. In India, pornography is considered a shameful act, or the practice which people with 'less or no character' in society perform. With no knowledge of this word and reality we as people give our judgements which is not only degrading to the whole porn industry and sex workers but also is discrimination against them.

Not only pornstars but the viewers in India are considered as characterless too. Around 80% of the Indian population believes in the ideology that porn videos are the reason why rape happens in our society. For Indians, acting in porn and watching it is against their moral values and traditions. For them, these kinds of videos (porn) are not only responsible for 'promoting' rape but is also making the youth of this country ill-mannered, depressed, characterless and obsessed with such videos.

In reality, pornography is a job. People work in this industry for their bread and some do that because it's their choice. They choose this industry for their reasons. Pornography is any sexually explicit material that contains images, audio and readings for the sake of fulfilling the sexual pleasure or desire of oneself. But in a conservative country like India where discussing porn is a stigma makes the discussions on sexual pleasure are next to impossible especially for females.

The idea of banning pornography is not new to the world. This is a whole debate which is continuing for centuries where some feminists and conservatives believe in the idea of banning it from society. For feminists, these porn videos show and convey women as submissive and promote sexual violence against women whether before or after marriage. For conservatives, the concept of pornography is against their moral beliefs. It tends to harm the values of a society. But for liberals, the whole pornography concept is different. For them, pornography (whether watching or practice) is a personal choice that one makes for themselves. They defend the right to pornography based on the grounds of the right to freedom of speech and expression, privacy and the fact that it is harmless. Depicting and viewing porn on the internet is a matter of privacy and does not involve the act of physical violence and it is none of the state's (government) business.

Nowadays something is going on beyond the banning of pornography. Pornstars (female mostly) are facing massive harassment and abuse from across the world. Not only do they get hateful personal comments but much more than that. Using degrading words such as whore, slut, prostitute and hoe are some of the most common comments used against women. The idea of being a pornstar or sex worker is used as a slur to humiliate and question "womanhood".

Not only this, the kind of abuse, hatred and even threats all pornstars face on social media platforms is not only shameful but a matter of concern that we all need to look into. Recently in a viral video on the internet where a girl who is a content creator (on a TikTok application) looks like mia khalifa, a former pornstar. The girl had to face massive harassment, abuse, threats and hate comments just because she looks like her.

Here, not only the content creator is being judged and insulted but all pornstars in this world whose work is to act in this industry for the daily earning is now being used as a slur for all the women in world and to all those people who wants to start their career in this particular industry. Career is a matter of choice but every time our career is decided by society. In society, where we as viewers enjoy watching porn for the sake of sexual pleasure, insults the entire community of pornstars.

Moreover, the kind mentality we all have towards this industry makes us one of those people who do not have any respect for such work and somewhere it is fine to take time to accept such thing but what matters is to accept each work. But we as educated beings pass judgment without any rational points or thinking. The idea of sex education is another matter of concern these days where 70 to 80 per cent of teenagers learn basic sex education or gain knowledge via pornography. Parents need to be aware of this and must look out for their children. Sex education is important not just for the sake of awareness but also for preventing children from believing in false/unreal content.

The debate is never-ending when it comes to pornography but what needs to remain in everyone's mind is that every individual has the right to choose their line of profession/work in society (as long as it is legal). No work deserves any hatred in this world. No girl should be abused for being a pornstar or looking like one. 

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