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The Power of Beauty Privillage

Each country has its own beauty standards, but everyone definitely doesn't treat someone differently by looking at their physical appearance. Although it is important the first impression is seen based on the physical. No wonder, in the current era there is many beauty, make-up, or skincare products popping up. Many people began to use various kinds of beauty products to treat their faces and improve their appearance. There are some people who say that some aspects of life will be easier if you have a beautiful face such as your friendship, love, and work.

Beauty privilege is basically a term to describe the low luck of a person's life to be born with a charming appearance and privilege means the privilege that is obtained. beauty is a picture to describe the privileges of people who are born beautiful between consciously and unconsciously getting these benefits.

Without realizing it, people have created discrimination. There are many examples around us, for example, A and B both have a quiet attitude but A is prettier than B. Many children in class want to be friends with A rather than B, they are just difficult to approach, in fact from the start everyone wants to be friends with A. Someone who has a beautiful face is more attractive to be friends. People who have an attractive appearance usually have a better life experience, they are treated well from childhood, get more attention, and are always prioritized. This also affects them so that they will have a high sense of self-confidence which makes them look more attractive, it can be concluded that the privilege of beauty is real.

At work, not a few job requirements include one of the requirements, namely good looking, some others have standards in beauty, such as height, teeth must be neat, not wearing glasses, and ideal weight. This explains discrimination and harms some parties who are considered not to meet beauty standards. Beauty standards are getting higher due to the influence of IG social media, dramas, and tv shows that are favored by artists or influencers who have beautiful faces. So many women like to compare other people and want to have a beautiful face. Although beauty is relative, people's stereotype of beautiful women is that they are happier and difficult to erase. Even though these stereotypes are hard to get rid of, we can change our own mindset that everyone who is born beautiful, should never discriminate against someone and we should also care more about appearance not for others but for ourselves.


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