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The Problems faced by Working Women – The Society Stereotypes

We are living in the 21st century.  There are so many things that have changed in the previous decade or two.  But there are so many things related to women or girls which need to be changed.

                    We are living in a country where, some of the family or society is proud of the girl, if she is doing a job or if she can earn by herself to help her family.  But there are so many families and people around us who think that women should not go out and work.  The typical mentality of these people creates many issues for girls or women in daily life.

                   When a woman goes outside and starts working, she also needs to take care of her family, kids, and the home.  Some families and relatives are helpful to her and consider that she needs to work all day in the office and after coming from the office she has to take care of her kids also.  But this is not the scene in every family.  Some people don't cooperate with working women.  Along with this, they try to discourage the women by telling some stupid stereotypes.  People often try to discourage the family of that woman by some random things or mostly by showing sympathy about the thing. They have a thought that it might be the bad economic conditions of the family because the woman is going out for work.

                  Society means nothing other than the people around us have thoughts in their mind about the children also.  They think that the children whose mother is a working woman have no manners and they are not well raised.  The actual condition of these kids is exactly the opposite of it.  These kids are well raised and they respect the other working women because they have seen their mother or sister and their everyday routine.  

                  People also have things in their mind like, if the girl or lady is a working woman then she must not know anything related to household chores. This is not the reality.  We as a society need to change these stereotypes regarding working women.  You never know, if she loves cooking and cooks for her family or she does the daily routine work or she just goes outside and works for earning money.  There are so many women out there who manage their home and work at the same time.  They follow their schedules and give time to their families also.

                    Many people are living around us who discourage the woman.  They think that a woman should only work if she is getting a huge amount of money.  For example, if the woman is working in a bank and getting a salary of 5000 per month then, people say some stupid things like, why are you working for only 5000, you are wasting your time in this and so many things.

                  As a society, we need to change these thoughts in our minds.  We need to understand that going out and working is her own choice.  She might not be working for money; she might be doing this for her satisfaction.  One more thing we should remember is to avoid giving sympathy to working women.  Also, talking about money, no one is going to pay her if she just stays at home and does the household chores.

                          So, we should support them and help them.  We need to understand that working is her own choice, it might be her passion, it might be just for money or anything.  We should not discourage them and try to make a change in our mentality.

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